Mar 18, 2008

r'ship bluz...

*edited to add: title has been changed bcoz i had a prev post with the same title.

here's a true story i promised to publish for a friend.

*disclaimer: X & Y are real individuals. their names will not be mentioned coz they're both happily married. not to each other. if u know who i'm talking about, pls stay mum about it. we do not wish to discuss them publicly. this ideally, shouldn't be blogged about. but i thought it would help a friend. and i hope it does.*

so, once upon a time... there was a gurl X. and there was a boy Y. they had a lot in common. including their disdain for relationships, flings and people. they had both been in relationships as well as had flings prior to meeting each other. they both wore their "happy to be single" badges rather proudly.

what started as routine acquaintance, soon turned into friendly, harmless flirting. neither took it seriously. Y was known to flirt with all women. X, also enjoyed flirting. she thought it added some spice to friendship.

Y, at this stage was regularly meeting other gurls. for matrimonial purposes. he used to discuss these meetings with X and they used to laugh over them. he started liking X. he thought she was everything a woman should be. she was smart, intelligent, independent, funny, knew how to handle relationships, attitude and life. they did have a lot in common.
then, one fine day, X met Y for coffee and told him how a "friend" of hers had told her he liked her. and she was upset about it because she thought he was a good friend. she also told him how she felt about people not being able to control their feelings and ruining perfectly good friendships. Y agreed with everything she said. and argued for the point, even louder.
the truth was, X liked Y too. she thought he was a simple, down-to-earth guy who made her laugh. and she'd have liked to give this r'ship a shot. but she did not know that he liked her. and she wasn't the kind of girl who'd ever tell a guy that she liked him. also, she didn't want to risk losing him as a friend merely to give the r'ship a shot!

they both believed that they were too old to "fall madly in love" anymore. they'd seen enough of life. and believed that life was all about taking a decision and not looking back.

they decided to let things take their own course.

gradually, unknown to each other, they both started liking each other quite a bit. all their friends knew. the friends thought that these two had confessed their liking to each other. but these two, kept quiet. hoping the other person liked them, but not wanting to say it. they even laughed at how their friends kept talking of them as a "couple".

this went on for almost a year. by this time, both knew they liked the other. and both refused to let the other know. they both kept going out of their way for the other. thinking that these were signs to the other. but they were so alike... neither of them saw the signs. and if they did, they refused to believe in them.

then one fine day, X told Y that she was meeting someone her parents wanted her to. for matrimonial purposes. Y, in his usual nonchalant manner said "go ahead. have fun." that did it for X. she went ahead and agreed to the nuptials believing that Y didn't care for her beyond friendship. tired of waiting for him to realize he liked her, she went ahead and got engaged. Y was quite heartbroken. and confessed to X - two days after her engagement - that he liked her. that he had always liked her. but hadn't known how to tell her. and now, he couldn't pretend to be happy for her.

but life isn't a hindi movie. X told him that she had waited for almost a year to hear that. and now that she did, it was too late. she had taken her decision. and they should move on.

today, they're no longer friends. i don't know if they miss each other. i don't know if they are happy with their respective partners. but i do believe that all of this could have been avoided if they had been honest about how they felt towards each other. they MAY have been happily married - TO each other. or they may have decided to go separate ways. but i guess they'll never know.

moral of the story *this is ONLY for the friend i wrote this for*: if u like someone, make sure u tell that person. LOUD. and CLEAR. leaving no room for doubt. because once u like a person, u can't be "just friends" with them! someone's heart is bound to be broken.


Lena said...

the sory sounds so familiar.. maybe because many of us have faced it ourselves or our friends did. I hope the friend you wrote this story for will consider the idea of telling about his/her true feelings to the other person :)

Galadriel said...

That is very unfortunate. And I do hope their respective partners know about this, and that they aren't longing for each other anymore. If they are, then it's nothing but the path to distaster.

La vida Loca said...

i hope they are happy

Solitaire said...

I do not know about this. I think there is some truth to the fact that perfect relationships can be ruined by one-sided love. However, in this case it was two-sided. Sad!!

Beyond Indigo said...

Helllo! U know what... sometimes speaking your mind is not good. Some people take it for granted that the person who loves them will never leave them no matter how much they hurt them!

Pavi!!!! said...

Hmmm..well, I was almost going to say How Unfortunate! But May Be Not!

X & Y would have constantly been good to each other coz they were not yet in a relationship. If they had gotten into a R'ship, then things may have been different!
The only sad thing here is that "they donno if they were made for each other" and so mite live their entire life repenting that they dint take that bold step.

My personal opinion of what a "Best/Made-For-Each-Other couple" is - is not that they never fight. A true couple will have differences and will argue about it. Thats healthy!
oooops i digressed!Was thinking sumthing else. Sorry.

Good Luck to ur friend!May the best happen with her!

Thinking aloud said...

ohhh...that was quite sad...but at keast they r happy now in their own separate ways...but what might have been...u can never say....

now, ray's read this and make up u're your mind okay?

Swati said...

Lets hope they are happy ..which i think they will be.

Anand Sarolkar said...

Completely agree with the moral of the story!

Lavs said...

This moral holds good for any relationship. If you love someone, say so openly. Time never turns back, you see!!

Monsieur K said...

and i thot.. hindi movies never replicated real life :)

also read your post "a friendship gone by...". know wot.. it struck a chord!
time changes, friendship changes too...

loved coming back here n reading ur stuff..

keep those spirits high, gal! :)

rayshma said...

ketan: life replicates movies and movies replicate life... kinda like a vicious cycle, no? :D
thx! :)

lavs: hmm... i don't know. i am not someone who can say i love another person very easily. that's y i restricted the moral to my fren! :D

anand: u think so too?

swati: yeah.. i hope so too :)

suma: hehe! :)) yeah, like i always say if romeo & juliet had lived & got married, they may have been divorced! :D

pavi: yeah, u did confuse me a bit there! hehe... but heyy, complete the thought. it's fine to digress. i do it all the time! :D

beyond indigo:
u know what, sweetheart... NEVER let anyone take u for granted. NEVER. EVER. no matter HOW much u may love someone. and let that be known to the other person. seriously. if the moron doesn't comprehend...say "fuck a duck" and move on. u, of all people, deserve the best. muah!

solitaire: true... i agree with what u're saying. but in this case, as in the case of my friend... they're just letting egos come in the way of something that cud be really beautiful...

loca: in hope does the world go round... :)

galadriel: don't think they were that in love with each other...

lena: thanks a ton! i hope it helps, too... :)

upsilamba said...

hope this helped your friend, raysh.

I do beleive in fate factor too though. Some things are just bound to happen, is it not?

Suruchi said...

babes! to be honest...i am happy for both of them...and u know why!!

Aryan said...

Fate matters a lot yaar..

rayshma said...

AM, upsi: fate does play a crucial aspect. but i still believe that we need to make an attempt. we can't just leave things to fate, can we?

suruchi: stop feeling happy for strangers... LOL..!! :0)

TheKing said...

Now it started like the Karan Johar movie and ended like some parallel cinema where Smita Patil/Shabana Azmi/Rekha try to show off that they are strong and the poor guy should be punished.

Whether the guy is poor or not can be debatable.. Maybe he WAS poor so she chose a bade baap ki aulad OR he WAS poor on self esteem/confidence to cover that last mile..

Pixie said...

how unfortunate... I hope they are happy.