Mar 26, 2008

i won me a tag!

instead of flicking a tag, or getting tagged, i WON this tag. it reminded me of the ebay ads... SHOP victoriously, they say. and probably, for the first time, i realized how much fun it is to win something that u could have got irrespective! thanks, solitaire, u made my day today.

d tag sez to Write about yourself, and write the FIRST thing that comes to your mind! so go on, read some more abt me if u aren't bored already!

I AM: mystery's final page. *dunno why, that just popped into my head*
I WANT: to travel a lot. across the globe.
I HAVE: faith. that life sorts itself out.
I WISH: i would be a little less filmy.
I HATE: exercising. *even walking from my couch to the kitchen is exercise. and we live in a pretty small apartment.*
I FEAR: being relegated to the realms of the redundant.
I SEARCH: for a job?!
I WONDER: what life has in store for me.
I REGRET: having worked for hungama. *not regret, but it makes me feel stupid. so really dislike the feeling*
I LOVE: the concept of being in love.
I ALWAYS: say "i don't know" when i need time to think.
I AM NOT: manipulative.
I DANCE: to completely filmy bollywood numbers.
I SING: completely off-key. and ONLY when drunk or stressed.
I CRY: rarely.
I WRITE: for myself.
I WON: this tag! :)
I AM CONFUSED: by numbers.
I NEED: my friends to be there for me. they're my support system.
I SHOULD: start searching for a job in canada. seriously.
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS: "wonder if i'll remember what i dream tonight..."

well, this wasn't as easy as i thought it would be... feel free to tag urselves!


DotMom said...

mystery's final page? I like that one!

La vida Loca said...

me likes this tag

alice-in-wonder said...


Galadriel said...

what's {(67334 + 5387654 - 98365)/ 46789} ^ 238 ??
:D gawd, i'm mean.

Solitaire said...

WOW. You were THAT excited!? Good for you! Congrats! :)

Now I would like to make a couple comments.

You do not like to exercise??????? How are you so skinny? I am bloating by the minute!!

And secondly, if you go to Canada, mera Texas mein kya hoga??????

Thinking aloud said...

mystery's final page....sounds soooo very sexy ;)

numbers me2 :(

very nice...

Pixie said...

I like this tag!

RADhika said...

you're filmy?!?! doesn't seem to be from the blog.. :))

but good one!

plush said...

:) we know u! nice-"the last thought that u go to sleep with ".

Lena said...

cute tag! Congos on winning it :P
"I ALWAYS: say "i don't know" when i need time to think." - so do i!! :)

upsilamba said...

you wish you were a little less filmy? Wish not granted.

rayshma said...

upsi: why upsi, why?! why can't i be just a little less filmy? why do u not grant me my wish, upsi?
*somehow, this wud've sounded damn neat in hindi!*

lena: hehee... it does buy u some time, doesn't it?! :0)

plush: don't u know me already?! silly gurl... go update ur blog. in bigger font! :P

radhika: yeah, that's mainly coz i blog in english. i have these bollywood phases... where i pick a character and tend to perfect the daft expressions... it's quite traumatic for the friend with me that day... :D

pix: :) u take care, gurl... keep the faith.

suma: sexy n all, eh?! ;) yeah, i think the hatred for numbers makes us better frenz... hehee!

solitaire: yeah, i get very kicked if i like what i see! :D
a. i guess those are the only good genes i got from my parents..;)
b. don't u worry... i keep saying i want to go to a lot of places. i need to get off my butt and do something abt it tho, u know! pls come to TX... really lkng fwd to meeting u :)

galadriel: u DO keep forgetting u have to be nice, don't u!? aisa kaise chalega?

alice: u taking it up?

loca: :) pick it up!

dotmom: thankee... :0)

Pavi!!!! said...

hey I too love dancing..western hip-hop or bollywoood songs...anything n everything is fine. Hubby doesnt like dancing :(((( so its been forever since i danced last!

We gurls shld get together n have a dance party..wot say?

Aryan said...

This tag sounds interesting...