Mar 3, 2008

qui vivra verra

okay... so as most of u know, the blog has recently been renamed.... it used to be 'strange people, strange things'. was named thus, bcoz basically i was feeling strange when i started it. i had just got to the US and had a whole lot of time on hand. also, i hadn't thought anybody would ever read it.

now that i have more than 5 regular readers and over 200 posts - i thought, time to revamp! i thought of changing the look, but well, i LOVE this template. it's VERY me. so i thought of changing the name.
and i must say, i love you guys for actually thinking so much. honestly, i hadn't expected SO many options to choose from! :) it confused me... but then, as i'd said, there was only one which i read and thought "why didn't i think of that?!"

a few of the others that had me thinking were:

- soul curry *i like the 'good for u' part of it. also that we have identical roots - d curry & me, that is.*
- organized chaos *speaks a lot about me, yes.*
- sunny side up *bright n happy?*
- not so strange anymore *nice, no?*
- girl unlimited *i, really really liked this!*
- spice bowl *i mixed up suma's "spicy, just d way i like it" & preethi's "spice of life"*
- thought cauldron *bcoz it is.*

cynosure of blogwood was extremely sweet. and flattering. but no, not true! :)

none, except mrids, said i should retain the name. but then, she was on her way home from work. *which would mean, not in the right frame of mind* also, i have stopped trusting people who work where she does.

and then galadriel mailed me with "qui vivra verra"
and tho i loved it immediately, i had to google it to confirm the meaning. *my french is VERY basic* and to confirm that she wasn't merely pulling my leg. confirmation was reqd. esp. after that "wise" suggestion she left in the comments space!

so here u go. welcome to qui vivra verra. or 'time will tell' in plain english. it's also the english proverb-equivalent to 'what will be will be'. it's literal translation is "(S)He who lives will see". why i like it best. bcoz it's not the easiest to understand, yet very simple. it seems all high & mighty, but is not. it's mysterious till u read more and know that it's not. it's survival of the fittest.
a lot like me, in a lot of ways.

kewl eh?


Preethi said...

Lovely name.. I saw this in my reader and did not read it right away.. and then curiosity got better and I popped in to see who this was (I dont remember this blog I thought) and it was my favorite Stranger!! :) Love the new name .. and the meaning!! beautiful!!

Galadriel said...

i knew i shouldn't have suggested it to you. i wanted that name for my blog!
*sits and sulks in corner*.

Galadriel said...

P.S: Could you please hyperlink your blog title so that I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the main page? Just like in mine??
*insert blog publicity here*

plush said...

:) naam,naya(i?) month!

Pavi!!!! said...

The new name sounds fancy n the meaning is perfect... Time indeed does tell.. n Que sera sera..watever will be will be!

Happy bloggin :-)

Thinking aloud said... unlimited was nice, no? it was so very you!!! *wide grin

but i like this too...the meaning's great and the nam's mysterious :)

Pixie said...

Lovely new name!! :-)

Reading the other posts now...

Pixie said...

Tagged you again! :p

La vida Loca said...


alice-in-wonder said...

Nice name...

But wait on...that means i have to rename my favs shortcut and rename your link on my blogroll *gasps*

Drat, i should have just convinced you to not change the name...:P

rayshma said...

alice: hehee... :)

loca: thx! :)

pix: thx. wl do it soon!

suma: yeah... i really did like it a lot! :)

pavi: thx! :)

plush: haan, but same ol' me! :)

galadriel: i have no idea how to do that! let me know how to...?
and stop sulking. u've changed ur URL... so no name change for u! :P

preethi: hehe... thx! :)

Aryan said...
I like it...
Aryan's mom

Aryan said...
I like it...
Aryan's mom

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest