Mar 27, 2008


answers to some FAQs addressed to me in the past few months... by random people. when friends ask these questions, it's okay, they can ask me anything. when random people who are barely acquainted with me ask these, it's just being nosy. *the replies have been edited to seem polite.*

Q: y don't u have kids? u're anyway not working.
A: unemployment is a VERY good reason to not want kids.

Q: are u going to have a baby? *quoted from an orkut scrap i recd.*
A: no. do i look pregnant to u?? *actual reply to scrap*

Q: why don't you want to live in the US?
A: i really do want to. but i don't think they *the forces that be* want me to live here.

Q: why don't u like kids?
A: of course i like kids. i don't understand how to behave with them, tho. i do prefer getting to know them before i agree to touch them, pick them up or play with them. also, i may drop the child *accidentally, not intentionally* and only YOU will be responsible for any resulting damage. u cud check with suruchi - i love advika! she even let me pick her up a couple of times.

Q: were u being sarcy?
A: if u need to ask that question... u probably don't deserve to know. :P

Q: PhD? he must be a nerd/geek? how come u married him?
A: well, better him than u! and FYI - everybody attempting to do their PhD is not a nerd/geek.

Q: do u miss being single?
A: no. life hasn't changed THAT much, u know. i'm still as crazy as then.

Q: do you have to wear salwar kameezes now that u're married?
A: u watch too many bollywood flicks. where the skimpily clad heroine starts wearing sarees/salwar kurtas the moment she gets hooked. real life, sorry to disappoint u, differs. i still wear what i used to wear then. of course, not literally.

Q: do u like not working?
A: i would like to work, yes. am i unhappy not working... definitely not!

Q: why are u upset if a job doesn't work out, then?
A: complicated. let me just say, when i work towards something and don't get d results, bcoz of some trivial paperwork issues, i get upset. momentarily.

Q: why have u gained so much weight?! *asked to me on orkut by someone who used to work with me long ago*
A: lack of stress. working with people like u caused me a lot of intellectual & emotional trauma. and btw, have u seen a mirror recently? *i've gained abt 10 pounds since coming here. but i'm perfectly happy with my weight.*

Q: when will V graduate?
A: inshallah, this year. if u want the exact dates & stuff, u'll have to speak to his advisors. no, pls don't speak to him.

Q: why do u want a tattoo? it won't suit u.
A: HELLO? WHO the F*%# do u think u are to decide that for me??? i think i can decide what "suits" me. if u have a logical argument, pls put it across.

if u have any additions to make to this list, in terms of questions that annoy u, pls leave them in the comments....


Lena said...

well this one wont suit you but it annoys me every time when people ask why i am not married still, when i will get married, if i will get married at all... seems like everyone is fixed on making me get married :D
about the weight - why do they care anyways, unless you like your looks, why do the others bother...
and the one i happen to receive from people on my gtalk list who i chat occasionally with telling them i am busy (which i obviously am) - "why are you online anyways if you are so much busy?" Hell, why am i online? Just because i am busy for YOU it doesnt mean i am busy for everyone!! (of course me never telling them this :D)

Thinking aloud said...

awww...poor you...why bother answering? I can't believ you know such rude with their heads err..from the list...

they shd be like me, no? :-P

okay my addition...
why are you working when B is earning well enough..u don't need to? this by a well meaning aunt...

i get so annoyed when people think their two cents are very valuable...

La vida Loca said... fun fun

RADhika said...

:D :D :D ... i can understand.. people DO annoy with these questions.. and if we even think of doing the same(don't think will actually do something like this, but) then these are the ones who will lable us as "too interreptive"..

i just wish we could give these answers on their face.. :D

Suruchi said...

LOL!i really miss the way u retort with such answers :-)

~nm said...

I am so surprised that people have actually asked you such questions!!!! rather I'm shocked!!

Be it in person or via orkut or any other medium..this is totally crazy!

I admire how softly you have answered back to these wierdos, I would have been a fiery tiger if I was to be asked these kind of questions!

Solitaire said...

I agree with Lena..people are always bothered about when I am getting married.

Another question, "Why are you studying so much? Are you afraid of the real world?"

HELLO!! I am WORKING in the real world everyday, in case you did not notice. It is people like you that I treat everyday!

alice-in-wonder said...

My no.1 annoying qn - "Why are you so skinny re? You don't eat kya?"
Jeez! I mean, I don't go around asking people, "Why are you so fat re? Do you go around hogging all the time?"

rayshma said...

alice: LOL! am i glad u don't ask that! :D i used to get that when i was in india... random people saying "my god! u're so skinny" i felt like telling them "it's cosmic balance. u eat all the food and so there's none left for me!"

solitaire: i can SO empathize. i got that for abt 3-4 years... even from some clients. i cudn't even be rude to them!!
ppl seriously ask u if u're studying bcoz u're afraid of the real world?! WOW! do they know what u're studying??? and how REAL it is????
vin gets the "how much will u study" question quite frequently, tho...

nm: they're acquaintances, some co-workers, some ex-clients etc... can't really be outright rude to them... but yeah, more than what's said, it's the way it's said. and believe me, they don't repeat the question! :D

suruchi: arre now that u're not here, there's no1 i can bitch abt it to... what's hpng on that visa, eh?! ;)

radhika: u bet! i CAN'T ask people such questions. but heyy, if we cud ask, we'd probably not get annoyed by them, eh?! :)

loca: haha... u get those too, i'm sure! :D

suma: i LOVE "off with their head". there was a time when i used to say it rather frequently... hehe...
i answer, bcoz that's the only way to shut them up. :D i'm just astonished that they don't think it's inappropriate to ask!!
if everyone were like u, i'd have so many frenz! :)

lena: lol!! loved ur gtalk response..! :D
abt the marriage... well, been there, got that..! for almost 3-4 years... i empathize gurl... it's horribly annoying...! as for the weight, well... i'm not exactly fat! just not skinny anymore! :D

Galadriel said...

umm.. i was gonna comment but i pride myself on being the most annoying of them all, and i really couldn't come up with anything except "How come you don't have an accent after living for 2 yrs in the US?"
Ans: Well, I lived in India for 22 yrs before that, do you see me sporting an accent?? Blech!

rayshma said...

hmm... can't argue on the annoying bit here... ;) see? u just reminded me HOW much older to u i am! hmph!

La vida Loca said...

Q: when will u have a baby?
A: I am expecting a Fedex any minute.

Q: How come u married a compurter geek?
A: Opposites attract. The same reason ur spouse married u.

Q: How many kids do you want?
A: a cricket team

Q: Do you want a boy or a girl?
A: the last time I checked sex selection was a crime

P said...

People and their annoying questions! I so feel for you. I wrote about the exact same topic yesterday..only the questions were different. :)

TheKing said...

Q: why do u want a tattoo? it won't suit u.
A: HELLO? WHO the F*%# do u think u are.....

LOL!! I know...why do few of these types do such things...

Monsieur K said...

had read this in reader's digest or some other place -

"Being a spinster, when I would go for any wedding in the family, the elderly aunts n uncles would say to me - "you know, you could be next" - and give me a mischievious wink.

They stopped, when I told them the same, at funerals."

rayshma said...

ketan: hehe.. yeah, i'd read that too! :D
to being asked "when do u plan to get married?" i used to say "find me a guy. the day after that?" :D

king: u bet! it's so stupid na?! mhanje u don't even know me... and u say it won't suit me?! :D

p: oh yes! checked urs too! lol!!

loca: LOL!!!! :D loved the fedex answer...

Pavi!!!! said...

haha...good one rayshma..these standard Qs ppl ask naa..they are so damn annoying!!

Qs i keep getting
1. Whn do u plan to have a baby?

2. How long do u plan to be in the US/When are u going back to india?
(since the time i set foot in this ctry, ppl hv been asking me this!!)

2. You are really short, rite?(yeah, stooopid,u shld be able to figure that out after seeing me)Were u alwez like this?!?

3. How come ur short and ur hubby is tall?
(mabbe, coz "height" wasn't the criteria for either of us)

4. Why don't u wear heels, when u know ur short?
( one of my mgrs asked me to wear heels to be allowed into the client meeting!how ridiculous and insulting!)

Y said...

good list, good answers!

people, gah!!!!

rayshma said...

y: u bet! GAH!

pavi: oh yeah, even i get that... abt when i'm going back.. but i think they ask me that bcoz there's nothing else to speak to me...
they actly ask u to wear heels??? what crap! how dare they!!!

Aryan said...

You are so funny man..missed your post because of blogger..

Lavs said...

I actually wrote similar stuff here . Do check them out.