Mar 20, 2008

u ask for money? u die?!

got this from here

and if u're like me and feel lazy to click on links... here's the gist of what it says: man *in moscow* killed hairdresser bcoz he did not want to pay for the haircut. also, he did not have the money. so he hit her on the head with a hammer and stabbed her 12 times with his knife. the amount was $4.10 (100 rubles).

yeah, u read that right. and here i am hounding the godfather-like ex-boss for $1400+... what have i been thinking!?

this was just an ordinary man. who knows what arsenal the boss may deploy.
but i need the money... more coz i've worked for it already.
please boss... don't kill me, okay? u'll have my blog frenz *and of course, V* to answer if u do!


Pavi!!!! said...

Holy shit! Wats becoming of this world!people kill for 5 $ !!

Aur haan..don't be anywhere near ur boss when u ask for the money k. Why take the chances?!

Galadriel said...

well, honestly, i'm appalled. but clearly, the guy was a psychopath. also a 100 roubles is a lotta money ain't it. so, raysh, please feel free to come and stay with me as long as you please, i will NEVER ask you for anything!

MJS said...

bitch... U got ur way out on the blog, didn't you!!!!!
& yes, you die for this!!!!!

rayshma said...

mrids - abbe stop issuing death threats to me & suruchi on blogger! arrest kar lenge. anyway, u aren't working or living in a democracy rite now! :P
also, the post is labeled "HUMOR".. :P but i understand u're stressed. so i forgive u. now, hurry up & pay me! :0)

galadriel: yeah, sweetie 100 rubles is a lot... but then, so is $1400 :(
and thank u so much.. i do hope i can take u up on the offer! :0)

pavi: lol!! haan, haan... main toh US-India ka distance rakhke paise maang rahi hoon! but still, with the world becoming smaller, u never know, u see... :0)

Thinking aloud said...

hey... that was indeed a 'hair' raising tale...

k..wanted to write sumthin real funny for the rest but the hubby spoilt the mood...he could not read the title of your last post...:-p

stay alive, gurl..okay?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

That was one hell of a news..go for a hair cut and cut the throat of someone..but $1400 looks what does one do

Solitaire said...

Wow is all I have to say about the incident..

RADhika said... that story real?? what the hell..

Aryan said...

Real story..Kidding..

rayshma said...

AM, radhika: seriously, true story! got it from the web while surfing for news.

solitaire: abt the news or me not being paid yet? ;)

CU: lol! at least they say they have the intent to pay. not kill. ;)

suma: that's the reason i do't chk blogs when vin's around! :0)
and yes, trying to stay alive...! :D

TheKing said...

Is your boss still alive?

Lena said...

100 roubles are no way a lot. In fact i have no idea how he at all could find someone to do his hair for 100 roubles because practically it is nothing.
And OMG killing for money, thats really beyond my understanding. I guess the man was not really normal, maybe some psycho or maniac.

Thinking aloud said...

hey...whr's the next post? I need to validate my reading time :)

Swati said...

hey careful ..stay away from your boss ..or ask money with a body guard on your side

rayshma said...

swati: absolutely! :0)

suma: don't u worry that the boss may have killed me?!
there u go.. updated... ONLY bcoz u sed to... am quite brain-dead rite now, actly... :(

lena: yeah, he must have had issues. and thanks for letting us know that 100 rubles isn't much. i honestly, thought he was being over-charged and got bugged and killed the person :( not justifying his act.. but giving him d benefit of doubt, i guess... :S

mahesh: don't know. u know how it is... u ask for outstanding monies and they just try & avoid u...?

Aryan said...

HI..why no updates for a long time, I have been opening your blog everyday and I get to see this post only..IS something wrong with my blogger or you did not update???