Nov 8, 2007

cheap thrillz...

there are few things i enjoy more in life than harassing what are known as "poor, innocent souls". *the poor there does NOT refer to financial status, plz!* these creatures are categorized into "case-takeable" by my and my esteemed group of close frenz! *and they'd know what i mean if they were reading this!* sometimes, V also falls under this category. i honestly derive tremendous pleasure from "taking his case" as i put it. but that's done coz of lack of adequate human contact these days!

everyone's like this, rite? i think it's human to try & find humor where u can. so what if it's at the expense of ur clients, bosses, colleagues or even juniors. i have avoided harassing people who report into me. but it's difficult! maybe, that was one of the reasons they had to go through 6 resources in d span of a year to find me one good resource! *2 of those were really bright & survived!* but most often, people i torment have no idea that they're being tormented. it's just me. and a few frenz. getting cheap thrills!

picture this:
u're a month old in the organization. u were supposed to send in a status report on monday morng. it's thursday noon, u're chatting arbitly with ur colleague. who sits to ur left. and your boss walks up to you and asks you with a puppy face "will you plz mail me the report?"
i looked at him, cocked an eyebrow and said "do i have to?" *d tone there prolly meant i won't*
flustered boss doesn't know how to explain that he also reports to people who will ask him abt that report. *THIS is why he's case takeable, if u haven't got it yet!*"please. whenever u have time today *i'm CHATTING?!* it will take only 5 minutes. i will be asked questions otherwise. please?"
by this time, i was truly amused!
"i'll think about it. rite now, i don't feel like doing it."
and, he ACTLY walked off!!! see? he had NO idea i had already mailed d report to his boss.
geez! i quit the job soon after. would've become a purrfect bitch otherwise. but yes, in his defense, he was a VERY nice human being. still is, i guess. and he prolly deserves better, more docile co-workers!

mr. teddy. another of my indirect bosses on an assignment.
now, mr. teddy is an amazingly adorable human being. *he's firang and doesn't speak hindi. so his team either abuses him openly or teaches him hindi abuses. i'm FAR better*. but he is VERY case takeable. to my credit, i never tortured him in front of his juniors, seniors or even in front of my team! this was d one exception.
was my second day in office. i was d only person from my team in d offc. mr teddy thought i looked a little lost. this, despite the fact that i'd already worked with 4 of his 5 team members! *i wasn't socialising openly coz i was already chatting online with them!* so he sent a meeting invite to his team to introduce them to me & vice versa. now, of course, his team is also formed of evil creatures like me. so they immediately set off taunting mr. teddy and bitching abt how unnecessary the whole meeting was. with me!
i, personally thought it was very thoughtful, so i accepted the meeting invite. *okay, okay! i knew his team had rejected d invite and wanted to see how mr. teddy would react* and mr teddy being his own sweet self had no idea how to tell this new, young, sweet girl yeah, yeah, he thot i was all that! am a good actor* that nobody else had accepted the invite! at the annointed hour, i put on my daftest face & walked across to mr teddy, smiled and said "we have a meeting?" mr. teddy was all flustered. his face was turning red *i realized later, this is a routine occurence* tried looking to his team sitting around him for support... but they were busy trying not to laugh. so mr. teddy smiles, and sez "yeah. but. these guys are busy... let's do it when ur team's in, eh?"
i cocked an eyebrow at him and gave him one of my puppy faces and said "are u implying that i'm not busy? wow! anyways. let me know whenever ur team has time to meet me." and i looked very upset. *yeah, i sed i can be an excellent actor!*
mr teddy felt really bad for me and took it upon himself to reprimand each of his team members later, individually, for having been rude. sorry, guys!
after this incident, however, i was ALWAYS extremely civil to mr. teddy. more than his team was! and he never got to know that i wasn't genuinely upset that day either. he still thinks i'm a good, sweet gurl.

see? there's no harm in a li'l bit of humour, is there. it doesn't make u a bad person. and of course, u aren't guilty if ur crime can't be proved! and these cheap thrills kind of make at least those days less drab!


Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!you are such a hoot Raysh:) but I totally agree,what's life without a bit humor. I think we are way too serious for our own good *chatting away to glory at work*I am still smiling imagining the look on Mr.teddy's face following your mastery enactment.
You go babes!

TheKing said...

Lol... Who else but me would know some of these masterfully crafted scenes better..

And as rightly put in one of my posts, it would vouch for the truth conveyed in this post!

Orchid said...

I swear..the world could use a li'l more humor :)...I mean we do take ourselves more seriously than is necessary at times!

Pixie said...

I'm laughing too hard to type anything else!!!!

rayshma said...

pixiee!! :)

orchie: absolutely!

the return of "the king": yeah, all thanks to willing accomplices like u! :D and yeah, i didn't mention d long-haired u-know-wot coz he's a celeb... and an imbecile. didn't wanna risk getting sued...;)

fuzz: mr. teddy's a sweetheart! i do feel bad for him at times, tho!