Nov 26, 2007

yeh hai meri kahani...

since i'm told that i'm good at doing tags *it's one of the few times i write a decent read* am picking this from preethi.

i was introduced to the concept of blogging quite early. 2002, i think. a much-younger copywriter colleague *who went ahead to transform into a super super junior of mine at MICA* was into bloggin and mailed me his URL to browse. i read thru his space. i liked it, yes. but i didn't pay much attention to it then. i thought this was some kiddie thing! also, i was too absorbed in my "career", back then! *'course i told him he shud keep writing. i'm nice that ways!*

years later, in 2005, minal mailed me her blog URL. she took to blogging as a respite, i guess. from what, i don't know. but she didn't want to tell anyone she blogged. and she was sharing this with me ONLY for feedback! i read one piece, and i got quite hooked. i loved her blog, her writing style... i could relate to everything she was writing about. i thought this was mostly due to the fact that i knew her and could visualize everything clearly! i started making time to read her blog in my extremely chaotic days @ work. it was a kind of a respite to me! whenever i needed a break, i'd login to her space and read.

personally, i always wanted to write. since junior college. it was one of the things on my list-to-do-before-i-die. write. i didn't know what i wanted to write. but i did write nice, lucid mails to most of my frenz. whenever i had the time. a few of my close frenz always insisted that i should write; and that i'd be good at it. i usually thought they were just being the good frenz they were & indulging me.

after i got married, quit my job and shifted to the US, i thought "why not!?" so i started this space. i didn't really tell anyone about it coz i didn't understand why anybody would want to read it. i was writing merely coz i loved to. and also - as an afterthought - because someday, i'd like to read all this and laugh at myself! then, i posted the blog URL on my orkut profile. i still don't know why i did that. maybe i wanted suruchi & minal *they were my only frenz on orkut then who read* to read my blog, but was too shy to mail across a URL! *yeah, am silly that ways!* and sure enuf, they'd read and tell me they'd read it... *they still do. sweethearts u both are!* then eventually, vellapanti set in. i started checking out other blogs, liking what i read... commenting when i liked something someone had written. and i realized that this virtual world was indeed very comfy. i haven't looked back since. to the extent of being termed a "geek" in those silly tests i've started loving!

i've made some really kewl frenz here. *dotcomrades, as fuzzy says* and over the one year 3 months that i've been blogging, there have been times that i write ONLY coz i know that you enjoy reading this. why, is something only u can answer.
really. feel like saying thanks to all of u - for reading, appreciating and giving me feedback. i love reading ur comments/mails. so keep them coming! i AM vain, that ways!


Preethi said...

Really nice... isnt blogging such a fun thing.. and you do have a great style.. I loved reading this.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

I haven't read you before.This post kinders me to read more from your place. Let us see... I mean let me enjoy reading your's and you enjoy writing your's.

k s said...

Do keep writing.

La vida Loca said...

you do it well..blogging i mean.

Orchid said...

:), now I know how it all started!
and checked out ur pics from port aransas, cool! havent been there myself, where is it? galveston?? sorry my geography sucks!

Anand Sarolkar said...

Hey...I am in Pennsylvania, US. currently on an assignment..and a bit busy...Life's taking a new turn as well :) So cud not read or write much. will be back soon...How's life?

p.s. your template is getting deadlier by the day. nice one this. I like it.

Thinking aloud said...

nice write-up...seemed very familiar having gone thru the same :)

rayshma said...

TA: thanks! :) lemme go & check if u've done ur story! hehehe..!!

anand: life's good... let me stereotype u & say "life taking a new turn" refers to getting engage/married? eh?? u've been missing really long!! i'd forgotten i've changed my template..hehehe... thx!

orch: it's near corpus christi & padre islands. my geography sucks too, but we've been to galveston last year... that's near houston! hehehe! don't ask me in terms of north/south! :D but u must go there! the padre island national shoreline is mindblowingly b'ful for a TX beach! and they have sand castle festivals in apr/may... li'l A would have a blast! :)

thanks vida! :)

ks: sure will! i don't have much else to do, r'ber...;) hehee...

nsk: thx for dropping by. be my guest. u're always welcome to be regular here! :)

preethi: thanks! yeah, blogging is good fun! i'd never have met SO many lovely people otherwise... :) and heyy, i quite love ur spacce! :)

Anand Sarolkar said...

Yes! u guessed it rite :)

Pixie said...

Very nicely written as usual :-)
I was reading blogs for a very long time before I stopped being lazy and started my own last year... :-)
And now I do realise that blogging is not only fun but informative and I've made some really good friends too... :-)

Fuzzylogic said...

Hola Dotcomrade:))Your space is much loved:)

rayshma said...

anand: congrats! :) details?!

pix: blogging's great, eh! :)

fuzz: it's comments like these and frenz like thee that keep folks like me going... :)
p.s.: hv added u..:)