Nov 6, 2007

7 B'days and a Wish

november's THE b'day month! either there are too many people born in this month, or it's just something to do with me & scorpios.
so here's my ONE WISH for each of u. i'm not mentioning acquaintances here... just people who mean or have meant something to me at some point of time in this life.
let's start from today *coz i've already wished d 3 ppl who were born before today*
Nov 6.
AAH: ex-colleague, good person.
i wish u find d weirdest boxers in d world! four per day of the year, so that someday, u can sell them in the antiques roadshow!

Minal: it's winter and she's currently hibernating. but she'll be back. for u, my dearest fren, i wish u get that wish, which is hidden in d deepest, darkest corner of ur heart. that, which u're scared to voice. that, which will bring u everything u have ever wished for. really, really wish this for u, babes. and yes, do stay the same. u mean a helluva lot to me. i wish we cud throw u another surprise party at my place like we did years ago @ champa 23! someday, we will.

Nov 9: Dr. Mo. "the boss".
i wish u make more time for urself and ur family. the rest... u know what u want and how to get it. so i won't wish for it!

Nov 13: JPS
i wish u can sort out ur head and be happy. genuinely, i do. i wish u have a fantastic year ahead of u. and oh yeah! may u have multiple sets of multi-colored twins! HEE HEE!

Nov 17: Ren.
i wish u find d patience and d strength to adapt and get things to adapt for you.

Nov 18: PT. good fren, better person.
i wish u find the answers to all the questions. and of course, wish u happiness. always!

Nov 22: GPS!
i only wish there were more people like u. and somehow, they were my frenz too. inshallah!

hope u all have wonderful b'days!


Orchid said...

actually now that you mention it..I too know a lot of people born in November but after July ofcourse!

RR said...

:) happy birthday to all of these people from me too!


rayshma said...

rr: :)

orchid: july! kewl!! me a july bday too :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,you do have a lot scorpio friends:)I have just one. So you and Orchi are july babes huh?:)girls let me know the dates please!!

k s said...

That's very nice of you. Not many people would write bday posts for their friends. :)

rayshma said...

fuzz: :) me shall mail u d date! hhhehehe!

ks: :)