Nov 20, 2007

"spirited" knocking!

it's WAY past halloween. the light outside our apartment has conked off. and i'm mentally unprepared for being spooked.
we were indulging in ideal weekend-nite entertainment. watching a psycho-horror flick with V. LATE, for a change.

it's approx 12.29 AM, and ALMOST the climax. u know the types when the alleged "ghost" reveals itself? with sound effects et al...? the scene where most normal people get spooked?

as is wont, V's extremely sleepy. it's WAY past his usual bed-time, u know? like TWO hours past...?? and he can't sleep without brushing & flossing his teeth. AND he's kinda a scaredy cat, so this is the perfect moment to avoid scary scene and still look like a hero!

in short, i'm watching it by myself. sitting on our "couch for 2" in the purrfectly dark house.

and then, suddenly, as the ghost in d movie's about to appear. there's a KNOCK on our door. umm... KNOCK? OUR DOOR? nobody ever knocks here. not even in broad daylight! and it's 12 something at night!!!
i - being the kewl kat that i am - very nonchalantly IGNORE IT! presuming that V wouldn't have heard it. but then, there's another knock!
this time i decide to not ignore it. i reduce the volume of the movie. by this time, V's out. of the bathroom, i mean! and staring at the door like someone's gonna bust it!

we stare at each other. i pause the movie. and then, we both stare at the door!

by this time, there's ANOTHER knock!

and V having mustered up enough courage, switches on the light & says *in an amazingly unwavering voice* "who's it?"
and a couple of blabbering voices mutter "sorry, really sorry!" and rustle down the stairs!

humans! DRUNK humans! and here we were thinking of supernatural spirits knocking on our door. THIS is what happens when u watch too many bad hindi movies. u believe ghosts would actually "knock" before coming in. huh!


k s said...

Hehehe...imagine if they'd decided to leave without letting you know. Summat scarier, eh? :D

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

hahaha .. written with very vivid expressions. I sense that your first novel is gonna be a spooky thriller :p

Mahogany said...

Interesting question... if you are a polite ghost, then what do you do?

La vida Loca said...

hehehheh. lolzzz

Orchid said...

:)....don't tell me about any more movies, u know I've had my share!!..happy thanksgiving!

Fuzzylogic said...

Knock,knock..who's there?
Ken...Ken who?
Ken I say I have a tag for you!

rayshma said...

fuzz: tag done :)

orch: no no.. WILL do a post on movies when i'm done with my movie-marathon! ;)

lvl: yeah, and spooky!

mahogany: lemme know soon as u find an answer to that...!

sarfraaz: blog...novel... wot difference?!

ks: YEAH! that would've spooked us out totally! :D

Preethi said...

haha... good one

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

well .. blog/novel doesnt matter as long as you keep writing such lovely posts :) .. btw .. saw OSO .. got a doubt .. do ghosts get sad and shed a tear ?

rayshma said...

thx preethi!

sarfraaz: it's bollywood! if sunny deol & manisha koirala can play college students, bipasha can be a dancer in UP, salman khan can be a rockstar... surely ghosts can shed tears? aakhir ghost bhi kabhi insaan tha!