Jul 27, 2007

"design"er wear...

there've been many days that i've walked around in malls and inadvertently glanced at boxers. the kind men wear, not the ones who fight in the name of sport! having been married to someone who wears them like shorts,*at home only* i can quite empathise with the insistence on "attractiveness" & brand names in this apparel category. but i've always been quite taken aback by the designs that are available! some of them are hard to miss. there're a lot of weird ones out there. some have snowmen, some have stars, some have teddy bears, some are in atrociously bright colours, some have weird motifs, *aren't these to be worn INSIDE, unlike superman?* some are polka-dotted *for extra pleasure? oh... no, that was a different product category!* V's quite a normal individual, and sticks to the mundane ones... so I used to wonder if men actually wear these bright and weirdly fancy boxers. and if they do, WHO are they!?

and then, i saw the weirdest of them all. my old-time colleague, an indian who thinks he's a firang, and whom i shall refer to as AAH - who was in dubai for a day, and hence, to save company money *fiscal prudence, it is called* was piling on - strutting about in the weirdet boxers i've ever seen. confirming my doubts about the oddity of men out there. also, making me feel relieved about the choice of MY man, but that's another topic for another day!
AAH was wearing white boxers, with BRIGHT red corny kiss marks on them *the muuaaahhh-like ones*! i guess, it takes all of a kind...!


Suruchi said...

HAHAHAH!i always knew he was wierd!! this one jst confirms it...n mayb working for so long in a same place and that too with the likes of U Know Who...wld have done this to him!!

MJS said...

In the name of "fiscal prudence", I happened to share an apartment with AAH for a couple of days (6 to be precise), on one of the official trips!
And trust me, my knowledge bank is richer than yours - I know of the 'cherry', the 'superman', the 'strawberry' ones but nothing can beat the "Be my valentine".. He has a set of 7 "be my valentine"s I am told!

rayshma said...

suruchi - he still loves ur cheese-mushroom omelettes! and so do i! :)

Mrids - u rock!! am gonna wait for him to visit us next! we're celebrating fiscal prudence at it's best rite now!!