Nov 29, 2007

wanna chat...?

i was going thru my daily morning routine of having coffee, checking mails, checking blog comments, smiling to myself, checking facebook/orkut *simultaneously, yeah!* when suddenly, out of d blue, i heard a "ping". now, i don't usually leave my speakers on... so i WAS startled... and looked around expecting to see an elf apparate. *it's believable when i'm sleepy* and then, there was another "ping"... i was awake by now & about to go and check if i've left the oven on... but then, i saw this tiny pop-up on my gmail window. it sed "'X' says...". now, this was a pretty regular feature. mornings are usually when it's evening in india and my frenz are online. and we chat.
but the issue was : 'X' is not a fren. actually, i don't know WHO X is. or how he happens to be on my gtalk. i thought i shud try speaking to him, and thereby, delve further into this matter.
but X was saying a rather neutral... "hello. long time"
umm... ok. sure! i mean, i seem to have forgotten u... THAT long!

now u've GOT to r'ber that it's early morning. and i don't function very well at that hour of the day. so i buzzed back: "how long?"
and X, surprisingly says... "some time now. u haven't been online recently?"
oh hell.. he tracks my online activity?! he sounds like a stalker! *yeah, yeah... i think i'm worthy of stalking n all!*
the rest of our conversation went like this. i quote:

me: what're u doing on my frenz list?
X: i don't know. i saw u online today. thought i'd check on u.
me: i don't think i know u. nor how u got here.
X: i'm "X" work with monkie, we handle the --- platform for "pineapple"? u don't r'ber me?
*names have, obviously, been changed here!*
i knew ALL of d aforementioned, except X, of course!
me: oh! ok. i have co-ordinated with a few monkies while i worked with hungama. i handled d pineapple, yeah.
but no, i don't recollect u. sorry.

X: oh... tom had told me to co-ordinate with u the other day, r'ber? over the weekend of the krrish press con?

*honestly, it was more like couple of years back rather than "other day". also, there were 3 agencies and approx 30 ppl i had to co-ordinate with for getting that content live. i don't r'ber! but anywez...*

me: but y're u on my gtalk?
X: i had ur id, so i added u.


well, he's blocked & deleted now! also, this wasn't the first time i found someone unknown *unwanted, maybe?* on my gtalk list. has happened a couple of times before. but this time, it made me revisit my entire gtalk list and weed out people i thought were not frenz. *essentially, ppl i cudn't r'ber!* also, have weeded out everybody i haven't chatted with/mailed in a year. oh yeah, if u're not a fren, u will not be on my gtalk, facebook or orkut. simple. also, if any of u have added me "because you had my id", delete me. NOW! or at least, don't try & chat with me d next time u see me online! the whole creepy line of "friends are strangers till they become frenz", or wotever the crap is, doesn't work with me!

p.s.: if you have my id BCOZ i gave it to u, PLZ chat with me! :)


RR said...

Damn... That just blew up my "lemme add rayshma to gtalk and creep her out" plans!

rayshma said...

lol! arre YOU plz do add me! no1 i know seems to want to chat with me and every1 i don't wants to! i got an anon comment a coupla days back which sed "cud i get ur contact details.. blah blah blah!!"

Preethi said...

haha... nice beginning to the day... poor guy.. you probably freaked him out!! :P Dont worry I do it all the time.. btw can I add you? Just trying to figure out how you categorize... :) I could use some help too with the weeding out in both Gtalk and YM!!

La vida Loca said...

oh geez girl....
that did not sound good!

rayshma said...

sure! send me a comment with ur id... shall add u pronto. and don't worry, won't publish that comment :D

loca: ?? wasn't intentional if i sound rude. just that i'm wary of over familiarity. i do chat with a lot of ppl i haven't met yet, but have interacted with via this space. it's the "anon" ones i'm wary of.

Orchid said...

its a crazy world out there..u be careful now!
and read ur hibernation post...seriously what's up with good ole texas?? turning all chilly..i don't like it either! but LOL at V's comment!!
and i may have an interesting post for u today over at my blog :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi,first timer here from Preethis blog
That was an intersting reading for a first timer ..
Me still a stranger on your blog !! lol

Do drop in to my blog if you have the time

Noodlehead said...

creeepyyy!! hmm, i wondering that maybe, just maybe, you're turning into a creep magnet :-D

i hate it when such things happen, spooks the hell outta me and i get all ready to give up the internet and stuff but then i think of all the blogs i need to read and just plough on ;-)

rayshma said...

heyy noodlez: i hope i'm not. lol! i also thot of taking my blog URL off my orkut/facebook a/c's... not blogging, etc.. but then thot, wot the hell! i love blogging! and i wud never have met all u wunnderful ppl! i can handle a few creeps ;)

hi compassion: thanks for dropping by... will sure drop by ur space soon! :) see u around more often :)

yeah, orch! i was wondering too. it's just chilly all of a sudden! i'll tk care, thanks, babes! :) and i LOVED ur post... :)

Thinking aloud said...

does that happen? i hav eto check my gtalk now!!u're right tho...the virtual world is a bit scary if u r not careful!

loved the way you've written this...esp. the last line!!!