Nov 12, 2007

lost. and found.

Saturday noon. V comes home after 2 hours in his precious lab. on a weekend. to me. who greets him with a sad face.
V: *defensively* i'm on time! *d time he'd sed he'd be back*
me: i can't find my white sandals. *with a VERY sad face*
V: huh? *can't believe it's not about him!*
me: I CAN'T FIND MY WHITE SANDALS! *thinking it was volume that got d reaction*
V: why?
*can there be a dafter question?!*
me: *too sad to realize above-mentioned truth* i don't know.
waiting for sympathetic sounds. none coming.
me: come. help me find them.
V: realizing there's no way out walks with me into my closet.
me: *pointing in the mess of multiple footwear, clothes, shoe-bags, jewelery box, empty bags etc...* see? no white sandals.
V: ollay. see!! *points to beige sandals* that one!?
*me follows finger excitedly till i realize what he's pointing at*
V: *identifying d glare he's getting* umm... OFF-white?
me: THAT is beige! the WHITE ones. the strappy white ones?! they're not here!
V: *noticing the state of the closet* must be here somewhere!
me: NO! it is NOT!
V: let's check again tomorrow, okay? with a fresh mind?

after a couple of mails. and scraps. i get a reply. from suruchi. to my on-the-verge-of-tears question of "have i left my white sandals at ur place?" she replies with a "YES. u HAVE." *i quote her there!*

i KNEW i was glad to have her in my life! this just cements it further! at least i can now hope to have them back by d summer when i can actually wear them!


La vida Loca said...


RR said...

Poor men, if only they weren't color blind! :P

Noodlehead said...

hehehehe! i'm glad you found them.

i wonder why men can never get the difference between beige and white...i mean, it's right there in front of your eyes, innit?

Suruchi said...

will get it shipped to ur place babes! dnt u worry and be good to vin!

rayshma said...

suruchi: which place? plz to warn my ma if u're "shipping" it there! i don't think she recollects that pair as being mine. lol!
and heyy, with u checking... i am ALWAYS good to vin. u can chk with him ;)

noodlez: i think d only part that he heard was "strappy" ;)

rr: oh u bet! but this one's a tad better. he knows d diff in blue and turquoise blue. kewl, eh?

la vida..: good to see u back! how goes it? :)

Orchid said...

Glad u found it sistah! and I know imagine a summer without white sandals!...make sure u get it back by then!

Fuzzylogic said...

Yay for finally unearthing those missing white sandals. I am still hunting my red ones which seem to have walked out on me. Now if only PC man was half as educated as V with colors:(

rayshma said...

heyy fuzz: V understands d blue diff coz i wore a turquoise saree at my wedding. and he'd once accidentally called it "blue" lol! am sure going forth, he won't mistake beige for white! :D

orchie: yeah, sistah! i knew u'd empathize with the pain of losing footwear! but fret not, it's in safe hands! :D

k s said...

Reminds me of a 'Sex and the city' episode where Carrie loses her new pair at a friend's and becomes all sad.. :P