Nov 19, 2007

geeky?? me?!?

i always thought i was one of the "kewler", non-geeky ones who walked this planet.
so what if i like and remember LOTR. *the book AND d movie*
so what if i've read all of tolkien's works. *i believe he's the best!*
so what if i get anxious if i don't check my mail every few hours.
so what if i prefer email/text messaging for communicating.
so what if i still read comics and enjoy animated movies.
so what if i live more in the virtual world rather than the supposed "real" world.
so what if i love reading and can read for days (cross out) hours.
so what if i thought that selling mobile content started from understanding the technology *and d markets! but who asks for that in quizzes?!* it works on.
so what if i still tease V for being geeky! *personally, i think geek guys are rather hot!*

so... it just means this:

71% Geek

go on! try it. come back and tell me if u're geekier!


Fuzzylogic said...

If all those things you said are what constitutes a geek then I am as geeky as they come:)me a 65%geek:):)

RR said...

check my page out. i took the damn test and i'm not really happy about it neither!

Orchid said...

what!!!..i don't believe at 71 %...u are cool not geeky!
guess what's my score...24%!!!!!!!

rayshma said...

arre orchie: that only means YOU are not a geek! :( and wow! u are really kewl! :)

rr: u're a rockstar! u don't need to worry abt tests... :S what do i do!?!

fuzz: have u ever stayed awake till the wee hours of the morng coz u were playing games on ur pc....? eh? eh??

k s said...

You geek goddesses, you...i have a low score which i refuse to disclose *smirk smirk*. But yeah, i think geeks are cool.
Oh well.

Pixie said...

I wanna take the damn test too! But, sadly, its blocked at work...

Been very busy for the past 15 days with work....

plush said... sppsdly waaaay "cooler"...but then...its the way u see it y does that quiz make me wanna watch russel peters and his "sombody gonna get hurt real bad"? hmm...

rayshma said...

plush: wot was ur score, eh?! and kewl woman... BLOG more often! :D

pix: heyy.. no fret.. me tagged u! :D

ks: the grass is so much greener on the other side...!