Jun 28, 2007

current scenario

job: portal management for "prestigious" operator in dubai.
note: all clients are "prestigious", whether in india, dubai or somalia!
portal can be managed, but managing well is what needs to be done.

requirements: people skills. ability to work under tremendous stress. in short, client's a pain in d wrong place. set him/them right. WE *hungama* may be a pain in d wrong place as well. but since u've worked with us, u'll adapt faster!

duration: "post 8 weeks, leave when you wish"
okay, that was verbatim. the boss hath spoken! in true boss-style, very very ambiguous! *wonder if i'd be able to manage any other way!*

lead cast:
client. no comments. this is a public domain. also, i'm am a tad ambiguous on this one.

d boss. current boss, IF i finally get on board. also, d ex-boss *d most recent one*. knowing my penchant for weird bosses, this one's as good as they've been! a teaser on him: *wonder if i can claim diplomatic immunity coz i'm out of india?*
- is "cult"ifying hungama mobile into something that words can't do justice to.
- VERY difficult to get in touch with *i can never get him on mail or phone unless he calls me*
- knows what he wants, and that usually happens to be what the client doesn't want. *what u may want is inconsequential* needless to say, u've got to use those "people skills" that u MAY be paid for & find the middle path and keep both happy!
- does have strange theories, but none is printable in public domains.
- quotes from the 'godfather'; behaves like one too, at times.
- works 24/7. seriously, he does!
- does not understand that "NO" is a valid answer. *told u, he's weird*

supporting cast: 3 unknown names. unknown, coz no1 is telling me about them. i think it's a surprise. or a shock. i shall know, only later.

still unknown: *and, VERY important*
date of leaving - boss refuses to revert on this!
moolah - i know nothing yet, except that YES, they will pay.

so all in all, as chaotic as I'd expect it to be. sometimes, i think he's *d boss* playing a practical joke on me. telling me i'm hired, and not hiring me. hmm... wot was it abt the shrink, i'd sed?

p.s.: this post is now typo-free, thanks to "d boss" :)


upsilamba said...


whens the joining date?

And how can you say unknown for the supporting cast. At least you could have said, "Mallus as obvious. Name unknown"

- Upsi chechi

Anand Sarolkar said...

>>note: all clients are "prestigous", whether in india, dubai or somalia!<< LOL

Dhamaal suru ahe mhanje!

rayshma said...

Upsi chechi,
supporting cast is from B'bay offc, so not necessarily Mallus! Hence, unknown! :( I think I have to leave on the 7th day of July... let's see.

Suru honar aahe. after an entire year, it's diff to brush off the inertia! :)

Anonymous said...

Please be very careful, do not get duped. Make sure they have proper paper work done before you go there. Just a word of caution/advice. Good luck

rayshma said...

Heyy Anisha,
Thanks! Yeah, the paper work's almost all done. Have checked with attorneys as well... Besides, they aren't new to me... I was working with the same company prior to coming to the US... don't worry, I will take care :) Thanks again!

Pixie said...

All the best and do take care...
It sounds like a lot of fun, and lots of had work :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,quite a start Raysh!I'm sure you can handle them all. Have fun and you go girl!! Take care and have a safe trip. When are you leaving?

Monsieur K said...

all the best for your new assignment :)
look forward to hearing more on your dubai adventures! it is dubai, rite?
and take care!

Orchid said...

looks like i've missed some excitement...you moving to Dubai, alone, on work, for a few weeks...did I get that right? Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay :)

Suruchi said...
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rayshma said...

thx y'all!
am leaving on the 7th... will keep u all posted on life in dubai-land!