May 31, 2007


it's been exactly a year since i quit my job. was goin thru old offcl mails/conversations, and got nostalgic abt some of the first reactions i got to my wedding announcement. blogging d ones which're ToM, so i r'ber them - always!

me *in feb*: i'm getting married in june, so am quitting by May last week.
have typed wot i WUD have reacted, but didn't *coz i was nice?* in pink. *guess why?*

Dr. Mo - my boss: "get married on a saturday. then u can fix an Idea meeting on friday and go to pune, and come back on monday morng. that way you'll get 2 days at home also. once your visa's done, we'll see when u have to quit."
*TWO days! WOW! i thot u'd say manage in d lunch break!*
JPS *good fren, client*: "wot rubbish! u talk crap! i have work. u can't get married. don't waste my time."
*i CAN'T get married?? hello...?* i MUST say - i got the sweetest mail from him on my last day at work :)
TJ *client II*: "does Mo know? *laughing* good! good! go ahead."
*no, it's top-secret. i only confide in u! m so glad u gave me d permission! bozo.*
mr. ray: "how can u get married??? i don't even know this dude" *I know him!?*
UP: "you are running away!! someone will send me content no?"
*NO, hungama's shutting shop to mourn my wedding! geezz!!!*
CAL: "u're breaking my heart. who will i talk to for new movies?"
*torture someone else now!*
Idea, pune: "are u going to move to pune or something??"
*don't panic. i'm quitting. i won't hassle u for content placement anymore!*

they sure made every li'l statement memorable! i wudn't have realized it's been a year if not for them! i do miss d madness...!


Pixie said...

Ah..!!! Such a nice post... it really made me laugh out loud!!!
Also, it brought back some very nice memories when I announced my marriage!
The best one was - "You?? Getting married to a GUY? Are you quitting work? If so, then don't get married!" - this from my TL who looked like he had a panic attack!!!

itchingtowrite said...

ha ha!!! people really dont know how to react... may be they dont want to be stereotypical and say the nice words so that try to act up??

L E T A U R E A U said...

waow. Wat was that about you needing a doc? Hope u r alrite. 2007 hasnt been the best year per say for me too. But what the heck. I guess I'll survive.

do tc.

Noodlehead said...'ve brightened my day! was going through a spot (a very large one!!) of post-natal depression ( i tried on one of my pre-pregnancy t-shirts, bad move!) i can understand the nostalgia, i feel that way about when i quit too before marriage. of course, i moved to another job soon but it's not the same!!

rayshma said...

noodlehead: really happy to hv rid u of d blues! and btw, trying on ANY old clothes is a depressing idea! :))

taureau : yep.. am fine! and heyy... look at d brighter side - 2k7'll just get better from here! :)

i2w: some are genuinely crazy :))

pixie: lol! i wonder y bosses are so paranoid! :))

MJS said...

LOL.. trust only Mo to say such a 'smart' thing!!!!

rayshma said...

oh yes! and he had tremendous help from carrot! :))