May 29, 2007

celebrating SPAM!

this morning, when i got a mail. it sed "meenal_sinha has invited me..." since i HAVE a fren by that name *used to, rather. she changed her name. i didn't change my fren.* i clicked to read... and it said: "meenal invites u to be a part of kayasth matrimony".

kayasth matrimony? really? she does? wot's kayasth? matrimony? me? again...?! why...?

i really don't think she'd do anything like this. and to her credit, i don't think she'd be part of anything of d sort either! yes, i cud confirm it with her, but well, she is kind of indisposed at the moment. tending to more important things than my usual morning dopey-ness!

so well, here's to my first personal spam on gmail! cheerz!


L E T A U R E A U said...

Hey Raysh,

No m not in Germany. Not anymore unfortunately. I lived there for an year before I came to the US and everytime I have a beer, I get ridiculously nostalgic. lol.

Hows you been. Been droppin by your blog. But never care to say hi. My bad.

rayshma said...

:) beer sounds good to celebrate my 1st SPAM, too!
me's been okay... went thru a "i-need-a-shrink" phase!
back to myself now, i think!

Orchid said...

oh don't be so glad....u'll get plenty of those in gmail!

Minal said...

was not me: confirmed!

rayshma said...

orch - i guess i got this one coz of the name... let's see. no new spam as yet! :D

minal - oh gr8! btw, r u a part of that? ;) i'll need to tell "some1" if u are!