May 25, 2007

makkadman fan!

this blog is getting too senti of late. and i, am not to be d liking it.

so, me shall be letting you have fun with d brave, d bold, d heroic - makkadman *click to see. if u've seen him already, see him again! won't kill ya!*

a fren fwd'ed him to me. and i thot as a reward for being loyal & reading/commenting on all that i've been writing, u guys have earned this!
and yes, enjoy the long weekend. *2 make all of u in des envy d working indians in d U.S., monday is a holiday here.*

p.s.: there are TWO (2) pieces posted today. if you see only ONE (1), d problem's pro'ly with u.


Orchid said...

i already saw this..and y'know how!
happy weekend to u too!

reading the posts i missed now!

Pixie said...

Yes, I saw this... and YES I AM WORKING HERE!!! :P

rayshma said...

yep, orch - i know how u saw this :))

pixie - be happy! at least u're working :(

upsilamba said...

comment ahead not on the post -

what happened to the bees in the patio? did you guys shoo them away?

rayshma said...

we shoo'd them away on a regular basis - till they decided not to visit us. guess they're making merry on sum1 else's patio now! :D
ur bird prob solved?

upsilamba said...

hush now. don't ask such questions back, OK?

rayshma said...

sorry ma'am! *flutters eyelashes and makes cute puppy face!*