May 18, 2007

i, me, myself

one of my fave lines has always been "i, me, myself". i have no clue where i came across this, or when or why i like it so much. but i do. i use it wherever i can. however i can. now that i have so much free time on my hands, i've been thinking. and i know y... there are 3 different people i can describe when i think of i, me and myself. so, here's giving a sneak-peek into the 3 different people rayshma is.

i : very shy, tho she prefers the term 'reserved'. always obedient, till it was within her comfort zone. i's 1st boss thought "i" needed to work on being aggressive. 2nd boss thought "i" was too aggressive *see? no consistency!* i has never been too ambitious. is happiest at home. studious, 'i' wants to learn as much as there is. i always maintained distinct personal & professional lives. i likes being liked. actually is nice to people so they may like her. can't receive compliments well, but likes them. i tries to be a good person. is always patient with the challenged *mentally, usually* i loves her hubby and can do anything for him. thinks with the heart, seldom with her brains. i tends to be nice to kids, though not too fond of them. it's about being perceived as nice, u see?

me: certified bitch. works hard, parties harder. completely anti-social, unless u happen to be within her circle. loves bollywood, bengali & bhojpuri and rock music! chats up cab drivers, sweepers, peons but is absolutely impatient with intellectually innocent people. comes back with sharp, witty one-liners at the right time with the right people. believes 'love' is an emotion found only in crappy bollywood capers. can't stand mush. can get away with anything - lies, inconsistency, indifference - anything. has the attitude to make god feel inferior! doesn't believe in god or religion. only god worshiped is happiness and me can do anything for that. lives for herself, and thereby, is extremely selfish. looks thru people she doesn't like, making them feel like something d cat dragged in. me IS aggressive. a control freak, me gets ballistic if things are not as she ordained. me has a very strong sense of identity and loves herself more than she can ever love anyone else. loves her hubby and her life, but will not hesitate to eliminate anyone or anything that seems to interfere with it. has very low tolerance levels for people with biased views. me prefers pets to kids. others' kids are strictly off-limits. doesn't think studies have ever helped anyone. doesn't give a damn about public perception.

and then of course, there's mystery's final page: myself.
constantly struggling to maintain the equilibrium between i & me. trying to balance the good and not-so-good within. myself ends up confused due to a lack of balance at times. not the best person to turn to for relationship advice. or any advice. least fave topic - kids. is completely insane. well, wot do u expect! try maintaining a balance between all those voices in ur head!
a hypocrite, at times - pretends to like kids she doesn't. pretends to be tolerant towards intellectually innocent people. pretends to want to study further.

pretends that i, me, myself are all the same person.


MJS said...

Well well well.. didnt know that you too, just like me, suffer from the MPD (multiple personality syndrome) as I like to call it :D
Now I am convinced that there's something with the US air..
I thought and wrote exactly the same stuff while I was there.. I just chose to call it - 'Me, myself & MJS' :D

MJS said...

BTW.. you should write more often.. its painful to wait for so long to read your piece of mind!

rayshma said...

hello hello! wot was that kahavat abt the pot & d kettle & d color black?
i write DAILY, mrids! how much more often can i write! :))

d only thing abt d US air is that it gives us d time to identify our various mental quirks! suruchi told me u'd done an identical title last nite... and i continue to be surprised by d similarities. i vow to read ur entire blog. shortly.
rite now, i have frenz coming over... so i better get off my a$#!

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Not sure whom to congratulate .. ur "myself" or ur "V" for handling these extreme "i" and "me" of yours !!!

Btw, congratualtions to "u" for beening able to so clearly jot down all these characteristics.

Ipshita Chowdhury said...

hey very well written! dint know "me" loved bengali though!

rayshma said...

thx, sarfraaz.

there're just way too many bongs in my life! can't help not loving them! :)) i guess, u set d path for the rest... wot say?!
re: d music, i hv to confess, it started off being an occupational hazard, which soon turned to be personal preference as well! :)