May 9, 2007

a ray, to fr'ship...

this piece is about a very dear fren of mine. a very dear, very very modest fren. who gets embarrassed if anyone else knows that he's doing well in life.
- a fren who manages to get ONE part of his body broken after the previous one has barely healed.
- a fren who, in a drunken stupor, managed to get his LIP ripped off by an alsatian. *he'll KILL me if he knows i blogged this!*
- a fren who's seldom answered my calls, never bothered to keep in touch with me despite staying in the same city. but he's always been there for me. i don't know HOW, but whenever i've felt lonely in d big, bad crowded world - he's always been there.
- a fren, i've always ragged for being really primitive when it comes to technology. and yet, he managed to write me one of my sweetest testimonials on orkut!
- a fren who didn't come for my one & only wedding. and didn't make any excuses for not being there.
- a fren, who despite being so close to me, doesn't know V's name. *at times i doubt he knows mine*
- a fren with whom i share emoticons on gtalk! :-/ *yeah, that's the latest one! and we both loved it!*
- a fren i've known for a good 7 years now. and yes, when i look back, it's been ALL good!
- a fren, with whom i can be completely and unreasonably me.
- a fren, who will disown me if he comes across this blog piece and realizes it's about him.

to the world he may be obnoxious, a workaholic, erudite, holier-than-thou... anything. but to me, he'll always be one of my closest frenz. someone i share a lot with. without ever saying the words.

lucky i am. really.

p.s.: u need to know him and me, to comprehend the title of this piece.


Trishna said...

hey rayshma,
great piece! i found you on someone's blog two days back.. loved what i read.. but couldnt leave a comment...been looking for ur blog since then.. found u now!!I am blogrolling you.have fun blogging :)

rayshma said...

thanks trishna. see u arnd more often now! :)