May 24, 2007

some thingz...

some things have such strong associations.

- i can never have croissant and coffee without thinking of suruchi. and that early morng happy feeling. which only croissant, coffee and her company at that hour could induce.
- vague behaviour, piya basanti, understanding without speaking have and probably always will bring back recollections of minal. things, which nobody else can begin to understand... she makes it seem so normal. it's always nice to know that so much madness is normal.
- bright colors, hot, skimpy clothes, baileys, item numbers, dancing, fussing over me like i was d "specialest" person... they're so vibs! sometimes, i feel she's d sister i should've had!
- big words, incomprehensible sentences, foolish accidents... shud i call him "he-who-cannot-be-named?" no, not lord voldemort! a publicity-shy, mega-achiever fren of mine! *yeah, this type is nearing extinction.*
- late night conversations, brain-storming, workaholism, bong music... how else wud i have appreciated d finer things in life, rite joy?
- bright yellow, t-series, sleazy isolated approach lane, bollywood, excel sheets, good food, parle G, fun, madness, chaos, deadlines, numbers, himesh, lack of content, "zones", cliched phrases, bad coffee, good frenz, yellow stars & moons, lunch-hour shopping... hungama, aka home, for a period.
- space & time to sort out d mind, pathway near the lawns, 'pal', 'sacrifice', jagjit singh - all mixed up... chhota, cheese maggi, masti, cold cocoa, common bathroom *with lizards/frogs*, monitor lizards, good memories, chicken on wednesdays & saturdays, camel-cart rides under beautiful starry skies, truck rides to watch a movie, solitude, long walks... i see/hear ANY of these anywhere, i can't help miss MICA. *notice d lack of acads in that list?*

there's so much more... but this is a mere post. and i know, the longer i make it, the more nostalgic i'll feel!
memories, madness... is there a limit to it? am happy to realize there isn't!


plush said...

:)...i hear some song and am reminded of some someone...and that happens all the it hopelessly cliched..but..thats how it is na...

Minal said...

..and you seem to have a little bit of all of us!
-The ability to make one smile just being online early in the morning ,India time on a monday morning!
-Can I write about your madness quotient (a reminder: the mid night party on the terrace and the dance/being escorted back by the police/climbing over the college walls at 4 in the morning after spending the night dancing at a disq, deserted disq))and yes the understood-silence?
-The clothes cannot get any skimpier and wierder than what we used to wear at MICA parties. Just to jog your memory in one such party Vinay wore my kurta and your skirt :)
-but yes, I cant beat that anonymous friend of yours. I-know-who-you-talking about!
But, A highly unlikely that you would ever figure your way till this comment box but if you do, then the despite the long sentences that we fail to understand and 'the big words' , you are adorable!

rayshma said...

plush... yes, it's weird... but nice weird..:)

:) A was actly embarrassed that we have good things to say abt him. hehe! i didn't mention vinay coz he IS tech savvy... don't want HIM baying for my blood! lol!
that disq was SO weird! i dunno wot we were thinking! wonder if thakurjii still r'bers us, eh? and yes! hv to tell u smthng... wl mail. btw, u rock, babes! thanx so much for just being there. all these years. despite the madness! ;)