May 11, 2007

happy 2 sniff...

the smell of new books always manages to make me feel happier. fresher.
it's something i can't explain, but no matter what book it is, as long as it's new, it has that distinctive smell which acts like a caffeine boost for me. i remember so many afternoons that i've spent at crossword... smelling most books before i settled into a corner with a calvin & hobbes or some "indian author - fiction" book. *WHY are books categorized??*

after spending almost a quarter of my monthly income in books *the other quarter went towards food & shopping, while half went towards commute!*, i've often been asked *by my parents & now, V* why i can't buy pirated or second hand books?

well, i can't buy pirated books. i have ethical and qualitative issues with that. *i DO download movies & music off d net, tho!* so, it's only where books are concerned that i actually steer clear of piracy! also, the quality of pirated books is really sad *at least all that i've seen with frenz or peers* and sometimes, i've seen the print fade away in a few months time. i'd DIE if that happened to any of my books!

as far as buying second hand books is concerned - i believe that MY books have MY perspective attached to them. *i believe this is true for all my possessions* and buying a book which someone else has owned prior to me, will make ME read the book with THAT person's perspective. i know that defies any & all logic. but well, i believe it. and my belief is far stronger than any logic! so it just has to be new books for me. there was a bookmark i owned which sed "wear the old coat but buy the new book" somehow, that bookmark was SO me!

how & why was i thinking of this now?
well, i woke up feeling rather dull... and this feeling threatened to morph into depression on seeing the neighbour shifting out with her cat. that's when i opened a book *d inheritance of loss, if any1s interested* and smelled the pages. there! now i'm feeling all fresh, happy and alive! i haven't read the book yet. i have harry potter 7 *e-book; thanks, suruchi!* and my GRE and a prospective prof's book to read before i get down to it! but, for now, sniffing it shud serve me just as fine.


Mahogany said...

I know what you mean. I don't hold with buying pirated or second-hand books either. It doesn't carry the same joy of possession.

Orchid said...

i stopped buying books long ago...another thing that changed about me after motherhood hit me....just too many things in the house....A's books, toys I mostly rent mine form the library :)

Anand Sarolkar said...

Good that you buy new books and not second hand. But what's the future of those books onece you are gone? ever thought about it?

rayshma said...

mahogany -
i can so relate to that! there's precious li'l which makes me happier :)

orch -
that's y i'm keen on hoarding NOW! ;)

anand -
my children - be it my own, my adopted or my godchildren - would appreciate books as well. my treasures wud be a gr8 inheritance for them, don't u think? books are timeless. also. i'll be saving my kids a hell lot of money! :0)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

I thought that finding the smell of new books to be good was my wierd thing. Good to know that i am not the only one :D

Your last reply to anand was cool. 'll be saving my kids a hell lot of money! .. that was fun to read :)

rayshma said...

u know, sarfraaz... since i started blogging, that feeling of being the only weird human has kind of worn off! feels good. :)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

and for me ... its been since i have found ur blog :D