May 8, 2007

i need space!

just the way i never use more than 13.75% of my brain on most days, i don't seem to use more than 13.75% of my total possessions either.
there're HOARDS of clothes i've owned since the late 90s, which i've never worn. to make my horror story even more appalling, i've managed to get them ALL here. to the US. in the restricted 20kgs that i've been allowed to carry.

i always knew. i have a warped sense of priority.

instead of carrying ready-to-cook foodstuff or already cooked food, i've got my beloved possessions. and not just clothes. itsy bitsy little boxes, *known as sindoor dibbis in india* which i've loved to collect since i was 15, i think. then there's party-wear which never got worn due to my anti-social lifestyle! *like i'll wear it now!* jewelery. LOADS of junk jewelery - collected from all over india. i bought junk jewelery wherever i traveled. people buy souvenirs, i recall places by the jewelery i bought from there. did i mention, i even bought a 1.5 kgs jewelery box to house this jewelery? no? well, i sometimes suffer from convenient amnesia. knick-knacks from the bombay store which are too small to put up on the wall, and too big to be invisible. woolens that i amassed, but never wore *show me ONE sane individual who wore woolens in b'bay!* i won't add footwear and books to this list. those are essentials.

and this is just one bag. i dread to unpack the other.

going forth, i pledge. i shall simplify my existence. i will not buy/bring things i don't see myself using in the near future. and i will try to do away with possessions i haven't used in over 5 years. until we shift into a 4 bedroom house, where i can dedicate two entire rooms to my possessions. simple. and fair.

p.s.: i have my genes to blame for this. my ma still has the "frock" i wore as a one-year old. and all the subsequent ones too.


Monsieur K said...

good to see you back.

i am sorry to hear about V's dad. hope you guys are doing fine now.

all the best for your GRE and unpacking. :)

rayshma said...

hello monsieur k,
we're okay now. thx a ton! i need all the luck - more for the unpacking than d GRE! :D
p.s.: i find ur blog very interesting, m blog-rolling u!

plush said...

hey raysh...good to see u bac...hoping time will do its bit for v,his family n u...
oh..and i wonder whats with mammas and their kids' frocks...they always keep those...yea...

rayshma said...

heyy! good to c u back here as well, gurl!
yeah, i think it's d dreaded mom bug! infects u soon as u hv a kid! lemme stay safe...! :D)