May 30, 2007

d final unmasking.

pixie tagged me to do 9 unknown thingz abt me. considering how much of me i've put into this blog, i sure can't say i'm a "private" person anymore. anywez - here goes:

1. i can't use hair-brushes. i need a wide-toothed comb. i also don't use hair dryers. and yes, i DO comb my hair. even if no1 *including me* can see the difference. my hair's like that. can't help.
2. i r'ber d page i was reading. even after months. i can pick up a book, go back to exactly where i left, and carry on. so i don't really need bookmarks. *but i still love them!* and i HATE dog-eared books.
3. i believe every individual resembles some animal. so my list includes a deer, who married doggie. a bandicoot, a bear, a bull, a chicken, a mouse, sheroo, lizzie and so on.
4. i'm happiest near water bodies. esp. beaches. i even miss d b'bay beaches! was a b'ful sight to pass juhu on a rainy morng...
5. i'm nocturnal. i'm awake after noon usually. and am brightest after 10 p.m. *of wherever i'm living*
6. till very recently, i cudn't listen to music without knowing the music label and who had the mobile content rights to that movie. i have been cured of this now. i think.
7. i love collecting stirrers. the kinds u get with ur drink in india? i have quite a few. and hate d fact that stirrers are replaced with straws here. i don't collect straws.
8. i think in english. if i have to speak in hindi or marathi, i first think of it in english, then translate. that's why i find it easier to do english translations in these languages.
9. i'm always politically correct and diplomatically rude. i also, never spare d intellectually inefficient. as a result, acc to 2 of my bestest frenz - i'm a bitch!

and for d last contribution, i TAG suruchi. fren, local guardian for a while. and fellow bitch! let's see u rake up d dirt on urself! anybody else - pls feel free to take up d tag. i aint very good at tagging! :)


Orchid said...

we are different :) all i can say from this list, nice getting to know you all over again!

rayshma said...

heyy orch!
a li'l similar... a li'l different. aint it nice this way?! :)

Pixie said...

Wow!!! Learnt a lot about you!!!
and yes, thank you for taking up the tag :)

Noodlehead said...

my hair never looks combed either :( at least once a week, my father asks me if i'm sure i've combed my depressing is that?!!! i love stirrers but i don't collect them and i think in english too!!