Dec 12, 2006

what's in a name?

i've never understood the ritual of women having to change their surnames after getting married. i'd rather, that this be a matter of individual choice. much like religion or faith. isn't it as personal anyways?

don't get me wrong, i'm not a feminist. i don't have anything against being one either, just that i can't see their point of view. i'd rather have my man open the door for me, pull a chair for me, kill d roaches/insects, move furniture et al... but i'm digressing, as usual! i was thinking... & talking... of changing my surname. of adopting hubby's surname. and then, i thought again.
it's just that i've been known forever with my original name. that includes my surname. it's a part of my identity. like my eye-color or my fingerprints. i can't change these *we aren't talking color contact lenses here* so why should i be expected to change my surname? more so, if u're as non-communicative as i am... half the people in your life wouldn't know that u've tied the knot, *this includes people i genuinely love* it would make it really difficult for them to get in touch with me!

and no, i don't even want to suffix his surname to mine. that just makes my name longer. MUCH longer. i don't have d patience to write it out.

besides, ALL d documents i'd have to get changed! passport, visa, I-20, driving license, ration card, e-mail id *this is the scariest!!*... the list seems endless. and the procedures for all of these would be endless too! just thinking of it gives me the creeps!

considering all this, *and other unseen, un-thought-of factors* i would still like to retain my name. and anyways, what's in a name, rite?!

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