Dec 7, 2006

purrfect child?

post-dinner conversation with hubby. hubby was working on something to do with DNA alterations *in chicken, not humans!*. the type of stuff that alters the behavioural patterns of virus or some such!

me: u could modify the DNA of our children & customise them to look the way we want them to?
v: yeah, i could.
me: hmm... so we could have blonde, blue-eyed kids?
v: we could. yes.
me: would the kid have the intellect of a blonde too?
v: i could change that as well.
me: so, we could have a kid who looks like george clooney or cameron diaz, have the business acumen of bill gates and is nothing like either of us or our families?
v: yeah we could. do you want to?
me: umm... have a child or customise him/her?
v: customise the child WHEN we want to have one
me: on second thoughts. NO!
v: y? don't want a perfect child?
me: yeah!perfection scares me. makes me feel like there's something wrong, but i can't put my finger on it!

disclaimer: i'm not sure hubby was serious about the fact that he CAN carry off such alterations. he's a vet virologist, shouldn't trust him with human babies!

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