Dec 6, 2006

memories 4m mumbai...

bbay, to me, will always be divided into segments.

the initial impression:
i hated the city. there were too many people all over the place all the time! for a person like me, who needed all the space in the world, this definitely was claustrophobic! i was afraid that if i stayed here long enough, i'd become one of these people. a nameless face, a faceless name - with no identity. just hurtling along like cattle. i was so mistaken!

the wonder years: when i wondered about how amazing a city bbay was. wonder where else would i have found such amazing friends. where else would i be able to live my life, my way, and yet be amongst people. live with people, but not by them! i loved the space the city was giving me... despite the crowds.
- loved the anonymity that the city offered. loved the spirit, the soul of mumbai.
- loved the shopping sprees with close frens.
- the walks down marine drive *if u haven't walked down this path in the monsoons, u haven't really lived*
- the parks at breach candy where the waves crash onto the rocks
- hanging out at toto's, papa pancho, 5 spice, cha bar, brownie point... office parties with vodka shots in syringes, dancing like crazy to stoopid bollywood numbers at enigma & firang songs @ polys!
- spending entire days at crossword @ juhu/kemps corner *reading, browsing, buying, sorting out my head*
- barista : the daily visits. where else would they "reserve" the last slice of apple cake for you, because they knew you'd come in & ask for it! *i still think they should get the mocha pastry back!*
- the walks down kala ghoda over an extended lunch hour!
- taking the 9.06 to VT every day for 3 months. meeting my then colleague, now bestest friend on it.
- the food: the INR 1/- lunches at times house, the aam ras & sabudana khichadi *without dhaniya* at vitthal's, the wok @ noodle bar, the pasta at bbay blues, noorani's biryani, maaji saagar's schezwan dosa & cheese chutney s/w, shiv sagar's paneer dosa... truly wonderful!

the adoption: whether the city adopted me or i adopted the city is a question i may never be able to answer. but i know that i now have the city imbibed on my soul! this phase, i dedicate largely to hungama! the time when i truly fell in love with bbay. i could also dedicate it to the floods! but no, hungama's a less depressing alternative.
- the cabs/autos. cab-drivers, the beggar woman @ d linking road signal, agarbattis in cabs, bhojpuri music, t-series music, inane conversations with cabbies - all inclusive!
- HUTCH! not only for the amazing ability to drop calls or go out of coverage area when i most needed the phone, but for being my most memorable client. i guess, i made more friends than clients with them. and yeah, i do miss them!
- the obsession to watching only those movies to which we *hungama* had the rights! ended up watching lucky, HDKG, ABA AND aksar! actually, enjoyed all three! :)) also, was an emraan hashmi/celina jaitley fan! *heyy! they got downloads!!*
- the food again: moshe's. lazy sunday afternoons. love the place & d deserts! dal & chicken at mista paaji, the pronto's al fredo pasta & chocolate mousse, lachcha paratha & paneer from home deli, parle G. *gosh! i'm obsessed with food!*
- the memorable hungama offc party. *they should have them more often*
- sports bar. for all the wonderful evenings spent there. the client meetings i had there. the lunches we went for. the freebies they gave us.

to all of you who made these segments possible. love you all! always will.


Anonymous said...

Hey...makes me remind sooo much of u! Having food and travelling on trains and in cabs is sooo different these days...and so is hungama...miss u babes!n ya ur blogs are still the best thing to happen in the entire day :)

rayshma said...

thx sweetie!
wot's with the anonymous posting? me missing u a lot too!! life's darned different without u...