Dec 15, 2006

just a year ago...

last year this time:
- i did not know how to light the gas. *the match or lighter, for that matter*
- i had stepped into the kitchen only to get myself a drink *water or coke, essentially* or chat with ma while she whipped up a delish meal for moi. *now, i hv reached a stage, where i can manage a 4-course meal*
- 11.00 p.m. was not bed time. it was time to connect with regional clients on content plans, daily/weekly/monthly numbers & sorting out next day's content deliveries accordingly.
- T-Series could dish out the crappiest music, i'd STILL listen to it. insist my friends hear it too. AND quiz auto/cab drivers abt what content they'd like on their phones! *gosh! i needed a shrink, eh?*
- i had no time to think of whether i really liked what i did. *that kept me happy, trust me!*
i had no time to look for a new job.
- if someone had told me i'd be married this time next year and leave the country, i'd have laughed my head off.
- 'chicken' were produced so i could eat them. ONLY. bird flu or no bird flu!
- most married women would have eyed me suspiciously if i were caught talking to their men.
- i didn't have a blog.
- i had neither the time nor the inclination to consider joining a networking site.
- if someone had told me i'll enjoy being unemployed for over 6 months at a stretch, i'd have made them rinse their mouth immediately.
- i had never done my dishes and/or laundry myself.
- i had never shared my room with anyone. leave alone, an entire house!
- i had never used someone else's credit card to shop for myself.
- x'mas was only a GOOD one-day off, when i could hang out at crossword!
- butter paneer & lachcha paratha was an ideal, daily lunch.
- i weighed under 50 kgs!

so much has changed in less than a year! wonder how much will change in the next one... whatever it is, the past year was good. very good. and hopefully, so will the next be.

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Roli Bhushan-Malhotra said...

R: really like your style. You should write a book. There's a book in each one of us & I think your time has come....