Dec 8, 2006

random notes to myself

some things i don't want to forget. ever. in other words, gyaan that I need to remember:

- never forget your obligations. always be there for people who've been there for you through your lows.
- adapt to changing circumstances. life changes, change with it. the more you resist, the worse it'll get.
- take responsibility for your actions. even at times, when u know you can get away with it. more so, at such times. it develops your character.
- have faith. belief isn't enough, at times, if you've got to get through life. you need faith! it CAN move mountains!
- be happy. at the end of the day, nothing else matters. and no, i'm not saying be selfish. sometimes, seeing someone you love happy, may make you feel happier than anything you might do for yourself. you may not be happy everyday -- but u can try!
- stay in shape. otherwise, someday, you're going to look back at older pics & feel "gosh! did i ever look so good?!"
- travel. seeing the world, interacting with different cultures/people lends you a different perspective. broadens the way you think.
- travel light. it always comes handy.
- be open minded. but not so open-minded, that ur brains fall out of your ears! find the balance. and stick to it.
- always, ALWAYS, make time for yourself. you MUST have a life. irrespective of what you do or how much you earn. have a few passions, which'll keep you alive.
- never forget: nothing and nobody is indispensable. you lived before this experience. you will live after it, as well. the way you live might change, but this change is usually, for the better. it makes you stronger - always!
- don't let anybody take you for granted. EVER.
- be grateful for everything you have. there are lots of people who'd do anything to be in your place. this doesn't mean, don't strive for more. do that. it helps to have some ambition. but acknowledge & appreciate what you have.
- never say NEVER. u'll inadvertently end up doing exactly what u "never" wished to do! that's life.

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Ipshita Chowdhury said...

agree agree! totally! it's just that these things are always there somewhere hidden in the mind..key is to apply them when the situation arises! hope we are able to do that!s