Dec 29, 2006

happy endings

there's something about reading, light fluffy novels that can't be matched by anything else. i don't mean the mills & boons kind. i've only read one of those in my entire life. couldn't get myself to pick another! i mean, books like girl alone, piece of cake, if andy warhol had a girlfriend, his & hers, tuesday's child etc etc.

there's something so heartwarming about these stories. something that is so "relatable." *i know that aint a word, but i like it!* some point where i can connect and feel "been there, done that." they serve multiple functions. they uplift my mood *if i'm feeling a tad blue*, they help me reflect *if i'm feeling shallow*, they help me get lost in a different world & snap back to mine with amazing ease. they're easy to read, usually have big font & good spacing *a fren of mine told me that was crucial if he were to read a book!*, they don't even take too much time to read.
there was a time when i used to carry these books with me while traveling; so i could read them on flights. they ensured that by the time i landed, i was in a cheery, good mood.

and of course, they all have happy endings. the protagonist finds d "true love" that she's been looking for thru the book, all problems solved. somewhat like a true bollywood flick. i noticed that most typical bollywood movies *that I like* have happy endings. d 'happily-ever-after' kinds.

but then, that's what entertainment is to me. don't get me wrong, it's not that i don't like meaningful books or movies. just that, there're times when u just want to leave everything behind and feel good for sometime. when u want to believe that everything will work out, that life will sort itself. only a light movie or book can tide me out of those times.
no wonder i love them so.

and as we near the end of another beautiful year, *it HAS been good to me* that's what i want to look forward. to another happy ending.


Fuzzylogic said...

I agree,I call such books the "feel good" books,when all I want is to relax and don't want to think much and just go with the flow these are the books I would love to pick up.I am an avid reader and I usually prefer stories that are more intriguing and gripping,I too have no taste for Mills & Boons though almost everyone else seemed to be crazy about(I never understood what was the craze about)But every once in a while I do prefer the lighter reads which leave me smiling and feeling good.
Have a wonderful New year!

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Not sure, if you have ever thought about it, but i seriously think you should try your hand at story writing. I didnt have a single clue as to where this post of yours was heading to, until i read the twister on the last line that made all the pieces of the article fall into place.

A very simple thought, but you have laid it out very well on the plate.

Good Luck and have a great year ahead :-)

rayshma said...

fuzzylogic - wish u a very happy NY too... with lotsa good & light reading.
p.s.: i like d term "feel good" books :)

sarfraaz - thx a ton. someday, i want to write my book, not sure if i can, tho. i'm better at random writing, don't think i can carry a thought to become a story, or book. let's see.
wish u a gr8 year ahead as well! :)