Dec 20, 2006

a li'l same, a li'l different.

looking back at the time when i was 10 or 12... i think: i'm so different now! i've grown up... i don't know, for sure. am i really a different person? let's see.

then: i heard everyone out, and did exactly what i thought i should do.
now: ditto. except that everyone has figured out i'll do exactly what i want. so, i get lesser advice.
then: i realised that u can't have everyone like or agree with u all the time.
now: i just don't care if anyone agrees with me or likes me.
then: education was important. i had to study if i wanted to do well in life.
now: i've realised that beyond a point, u're on ur own. no educational brand can do anything for u. it does give u perspective, though.
then: i was a pure romantic. believed ardently that there is only one true love.
now: i think love is a very loosely used term. it has so many meanings. i'm not sure i know all of them.
then: relationships were simple. u either like a person or don't.
now: there's LOTS of grey. in every person; in yourself; in every r'ship.
then: raindrops brought a smile to my face.
now: raindrops sometimes bring a tear to my eye as well.
then: i had a lot of friends; some often let me down.
now: i've learnt to distinguish between friends & acquaintances.
then: i looked forward to growing up.
now: i want to bring out the kid in me more often.
then: dressing up meant a nice outfit, good shoes and brushed hair.
now: dressing up means working on my hair long enuf that they don't look 'worked on' *like that's possible with my tresses!*, an outfit which fits well, looks chic, suits the occasion and looks good on u without making you seem overdressed or overweight AND co-ordinated footwear.
then: i wanted to become a vet & marry a stud-farm owner!
now: i'm married to a vet virologist & he's FAR from owning a stud farm. and no, i am not a vet!
then: good treats were chocolates. the darker, the better!
now: nothing beats a good pastry & coffee. dark chocolates are in-between-meals treats!
then: guilty pleasure was snooping in the fridge behind ma's back & sneaking a bite off the yummy pudding in there!
now: no comments!!

life has changed. i guess, i have adapted. not changed. maybe, the core of who you are doesn't change. you merely adjust your exterior layers to suit whatever situations you're going through. and u learn. a different truth. everyday.

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