Dec 13, 2006

'spirit'ual disappointment

me: umm... vin, did u sleep well last night?
v: yeah, why?
me: no... as in, had u woken up last night? after i fell asleep?
v: any reason for the early morning interrogation? i thought u were "slow" in d mornings?!
me: yeah, but u know, there's something strange going on.
v: besides the early morning questioning?
me: i remember having kept the chocolate eclairs back in the fridge before sleeping last night.

v: and?
me: and... the entire plate is on the couch right now! and there's only ONE eclair left!
v: hmm... u count the eclairs?
me: the door was double-locked. nobody could've gotten it either. remember this had happened last week also?
v: *suddenly, VERY interested* we'd got chocolate eclairs last week?
me: tch.. no! the brownie plate was out! don't u r'ber? u said i must've forgotten to put it back?
v: *losing interest again* oh... that!
me: maybe this house is haunted! do you believe in spirits?
v: the kinds u drink? yes! bring them on! but isn't it early for that? i also have to leave, u know!
me: no, silly... the other kinds. the kinds who haunt others. haven't u seen any ghost movies? ghostbusters?? the kind of spirits who're sometimes good, sometimes evil...
v: the hungry kinds who eat chocolate eclairs & brownies on our couch? yeah, rite! i sure do!

turns out, the "spirit" in my house happens to be my dear hubby who refuses desert coz he's brushed his teeth before i remind him to have desert. so he wakes up in the night, eats some, while watching 'that 70's show' *which is aired at 1.30 am for some strange reason!* and as is his habit, forgets to put them back in place! and i thought we had our own pet 'spirit'! how disappointing...!

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