Dec 1, 2006

...A for anecdotes!

anecdote I: conversation between my 3 year old nephew, A, & his dad.
A had borrowed his friend's batman figurine to play with. in the evening, his dad asked him to return it to the rightful owner.
A: *handing over d figurine to his dad* u make a copy of it. then i'll return it.
D: *perplexed* how do i make a copy of it?
A: *matter-of-factly* use the computer.
D: what?!?
A: *frustrated, at having to explain such simple things!* tch! make a copy on the computer. so i can then take it whenever i want, without having to ask my friend for it.

anecdote II: same nephew was wearing his pants really, REALLY low *the way 16+ yr olds wear it here. so that their undies are visible*. his mom pulled them up. he pulled them down again. this happened two more times, when his mom asked him why he was doing it. he says "that's the way i want to wear them. u don't know. it's cool". need i repeat, he's 3 years old!?

anecdote III: Santa gifted 'A' a boat at his school X'mas party. one of his class-mates asked to play with his new toy. A looked at him, and confidently told him "I would love to give it to you. But Santa told me not to share it with anyone."

anecdote IV: 'A' returned from school. his father noticed that he was hiding something in his shirt-pocket. when asked to be shown what it was, A refused, and kept hiding. then, A spotted his mother peeping into his pocket discreetly, realised there was no point in hiding things anymore and pulled out a cigarette butt from his pocket. gave it to his mom and said "light it for me, please?" i repeat, he's THREE years old!

and i thought calvin was the only one!

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