Dec 14, 2006

hero worship

background: we were watching a daily soap; where d protagonist, michael krieger, is a virologist. he "provides" viruses for biological warfare. he uses humans to test these viruses. and has recently hired a rather hot-looking bodyguard for his girlfriend.

me: wow! why don't u do something that's this cool?
vin: that's exactly what i do.
me: u create viruses?
vin: yes? u know that?!?
me: then how is it that krieger lives in a sprawling mansion & we live here??
vin: he's into biological warfare. he owns the lab. and has pots of black money. i work at the lab. and pay my taxes. and also, i would prefer using viruses for positive, more uplifting purposes.
me: like making money?
vin: that, too. eventually. but fighting illness was more like what i had in mind.
me: do u test on humans too?
vin: NO! i work on avian viruses. we test on chickens. u've been to the lab!
me: yeah. but i thought, rather hoped, that there was more that u haven't told me.
vin: u WANT me to be "evil"? so u can then, show me the path to "goodness & humanity"?
me: no! i really don't care. i just was hoping u'd hire a bodyguard like jack for me someday!
vin: so u can have a fling with him while i attempt to save the world?
me: oh, my hero! u can even read my mind now!?

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