Dec 14, 2006

i am

i am ambitious
- i want to make purrfect chapatis from granulated, dark-brown, whole-grain wheat atta. *this, when i've recently learnt to cook*
- i want to make a 7-course meal for new years.
- i want to be "employed" by april.
- i want to write a book someday.

i am cute
- i comment on peoples appearances/behaviour *i'm politically correct, tho* and when they over-hear, give them a puppy-face and say "that was a compliment". and they say "thank you" with a broad smile.
- i can carry off a 'two-pony-tails' look even today!
- i don't call hubby when he's at work even if i get locked out of d house. *i don't like disturbing him*
- i've already made my 'naughty or nice' list for santa and placed it in a stocking near a x'mas tree.

i am mean
- i make hubby cook on weekends.
- hubby has to mail me a report on if & why he needs to work on a weekend. in excel. on friday evening. THEN, i check it for formatting & typos!
- i don't call/talk/mail people i do not like/get along with. *the list's pretty long!* i don't even answer their calls if they attempt calling me.

i am a dreamer
- i dream of spending every alternate weekend watching the sunset over the beach. with hubby.
- i dream of achieving the balance between a happy personal & a successful professional life. *yeah, i live in utopia*
- i dream of catching santa red-handed when he drops down d chimney on x'mas!
- i dream of how much fun my close frenz would have, were they to come over to visit me.

i am myself. the way only i can be.


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Cute ... keep them rolling ... I am really enjoying reading your blogs :)

rayshma said...

thx sarfraaz. kp reading..:)