Sep 29, 2006

photographic return

was about to enter the shower, when a knock on the door startled me today. we never have visitors. and unannounced, well... i never had those in india either!

peeped out thru the keyhole... couldn't see the human/creature or whatever it was... was i hallucinating?, i did sense some movement.

said one minute, rushed in, grabbed hubby's T *i don't exactly dress for company* and went out to check. could barely conceal my surprise & joy at seeing the FedEx guy at our door! yippiieee!!!! i was SO delighted to see him. i'd have invited him in for coffee if i were better dressed!

and to think of it, i almost missed him. GOSH! i would've never been able to forgive myself had i ever missed him today. never before was the FedEx guy this important in my life. been waiting for him for over a week now! yeah, not even when i was waiting for my MICA call letter had i waited so eagerly for him! *come to think of it, i don't wait for hubby so eagerly!* as soon as he'd left, i ripped open the package. i guess they take "security" to all-new standards here. the package was really, i mean, really well-bound!

struggled, struggled and then struggled some more... finally, managed to rip it open. and here it is, staring back at me with it's beautiful eye restored - our camera! the window with which we capture those little little moments which are then frozen in time & memory...

this calls for a celebration! so off i go, to warm up last nite's left-over pizza and celebrate... the return of the camera!

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