Sep 22, 2006

meter down

i miss the taxis in bbay.

after spending almost 5 years, travelling by cab to & fro office, they'd become a part of my life.

there was this thing we had about finding the weirdest cabs in the entire city! with lunatics for cabbies. cabbies who would sing loudly while me & my bestest fren were trying to catch up on life outside work. cabbies who'd insist on talking to us.*while we were speaking to each other* cabbies who'd keep asking what route to take. cabbies who'd insist on listening to the radio depite being told to shut it off!

but the cabs, by themselves, belonged to musuems, not the streets! we've travelled in cabs where there was no indicator *that thingy which sez we're turning?*, no brake lights *i hoped they had brakes!!!*, cabs with HUGE, and i mean HUGE mirrors on the inside. on d ceiling & d sides! whoa! vain, i might be, but to see urself all over? *felt like u were in a sanjay leela bhansali magnum opus. minus the make-up* umm... no thanks! cabs which had pitch dark glasses *think they were used by desperate couples to make out or something*
and how can i forget, agarbattis! we had a penchant for finding cabs which had agarbattis LIT in them. and these goddamn incense sticks would keep burning till we got off outside the shady office lane! needless to say, i HATE agarbattis & all other variants of incense sticks!

and still, i miss the cabs. and the cabbies.
miss peeping out from the cab to take a peek at the hoardings, the movie posters... miss the 'bollywood-pop-quiz' played in the hour taken to reach office. most of all, i really really miss those cab-rides.

life sure was a roller-coaster ride in them. is it still the same?

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Anonymous said...

hey ! really miss you on those cab rides to lits, agarbattis,bhojpuri music and over friendly cabbies!! All these cabbies keep asking me about you..and i have to tell them that ur no longer in the city...they really miss u ...the beggar at the bandra stop remember...she peeps in the cab and gets really sad when she doesnt find u :) !! Such is life.