Sep 12, 2006

happy in bed?

are men always so dissatisfied in bed or is it just him? must be a problem peculiar to me, never r'ber dad or bro being so unhappy every morning!

or maybe, it's my husband.

there's something i've realised since we shifted here. he's not happy in bed.

is it the 'variety is the spice of life' funda? umm... given that he still wears the shoes he bought two and a half years back... well, i don't think so!
is it that he gets bored? well... naah! we've just about shifted here... can't be.
is it something that he just doesn't like? well... i don't think so. who wouldn't like getting into bed at the end of a long day...?
but then, he's fine sleeping anywhere else... the drawing room, the couch, the kitchen, even the closet! anywhere - as long as his sleeping bag accompanies him *that's another story for another day* - but he's happy. as long as we're not in bed.

so, what is it?

well... i think a little deeper pondering and i know the answer. the villain in my love life is no stranger to me. i've already had to physically throw her out from my bedroom three times in the past eight weeks!
but there she goes & ruins it again! i shall have to try & put an end to this. today. before he comes home.

i'll be getting our new *should that be newest?* mattress this evening. for the fourth time. in two months.

i cross my fingers & hope this one will be gentler on his back. so finally, my husband can be happy in bed.

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