Sep 11, 2006

weighty issues

when u've spent most of ur earlier life (approx 15 yrs) trying to gain weight to stay in shape, how do u suddenly make the switch to losing weight to stay in shape?

geez! i hate my doctor! i mean, who ever on earth prescribes drugs which make u gain weight as a side effect? did she just presume that i wudn't care if i gained a few kilos? hmm... my thinking mind (YES, i do have one) says that knowing her d way i do (i know her since birth), d latter's a more convincing reason. but my ruling star (who i trust more than my mind) says that she's a witch doctor. who connivingly prescribed me those drugs so i'd become fat for the 1st time in my life!

anyways, am digressing. now, how do i, who have never set foot in a gym, take up the onerous task of losing the few extra kilos that i've gained.
facts to be taken into consideration:
a. m jobless. which means, i stay at home & hog at will. i love food. especially cheese. *think that says it all*
b. i've never exercised before. i don't know what to do in a "gym"
c. i never liked walking much.
d. i hate to sweat.
e. the dogs in d complex use the pool as their own. *can't swim with them no matter how clean they are*

so there! now, how do i go abt it?

will someone plz sponsor me for a psychiatrist sitting? think i could use that for more than one reason!

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