Sep 18, 2006

eye speak

when i'm with people, i use words very superficially. to fill silences, to make them feel okay around me, at times. my eyes, though, speak louder. and clearer. and of course, they're brutally honest.

whenever it's really mattered, i've never felt the need to use words to get my point across. like the time when
- XYZ *can't name her* asked to borrow 'the alchemist' from me, i didn't say no. she read it in my eyes & didn't ask again.
- my brother said "what's the point of not taking science if that's what u score ur highest in". i never had to say 'that was school, this is the rest of my life. i shall not take science'. but they all got the point.
- a junior at office missed the point (politically correct for goofed up and literature-perfect for fucked up), i never had to say a word. revisions just happened.
- V proposed, i didn't HAVE to say yes or no. he could read it in my eyes. *i can still say that i haven't said yes to!*
- V spills food on the carpet, i don't have to say "clean it" he can read it in my eyes.
- V wants to buy something that we don't need *like an additional DVD player*, i don't say no. he just has to look at me to hear it!

everything i NEED to say, i can say with my eyes. sit down, stand up, go away, come here, put that down, u're silly, i'm so stupid, do you have brains?, u're so cute... everything!
except maybe, how about vacuuming the house? for that, i have to resort to words. and they too, don't work.

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