Sep 25, 2006

symptoms of becoming a housewife

- u discuss recipes with close frenz
- the sink dispenser jam is far more important than the traffic jams on the freeways
- u can't r'ber the day or date - but u r'ber when it's "grocery day"
- u buy furniture/crockery depending on how easy it would be to clean
- u look at post-its & wonder how many items of ur grocery list wud fit on one?
- u're introduced at parties as 'so-and-so's' wife
- when asked d inevitable "what do u do?", u don't know what to say. *nothing is what i usually say. and don't bother explaining! completely baffles the other person... ;)*
- on friday evening u ask hubby "u have to work tomorrow?"
- u can eat when u please, what u please, how u please
- u don't have to dress up daily
- u can have nice, loooonnnngggg showers on weekdays *without the phone/doorbell ringing or without u having to "revert" urgently to any1!
- important call means a call from ur parents or husband. or, yes, ur in-laws.
- u can watch t.v. in the afternoon on a weekday!
- u begin to enjoy "doing nothing"
- u start blogging & catching up on networking sites regularly

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