Sep 20, 2006

differently similar

he believes in 'early to bed...'. i only believe in sleeping. anytime. all the time.

he likes DVD players which play VCDs, MP3s AND DVDs. for me, a DVD player which plays a DVD is a miracle if i learn to operate it.

he thinks a cellphone is for talking only. for me, it's a basic necessity, a means of keeping in touch with the world, a communication device, a texting facility, a means of livelihood, a VAS arena & so much more!

he takes HOURS to shop for something we neither need nor want. i can go through my shopping within 20 mins. and buy everything we both would need for a month!

he loves parallel cinema. esp in diff languages. with sub-titles. show me a good masala bollywood flick anytime!

he flinches at the thought of vampires, werewolves, fairies, neverland & d like. i ardently believe in all of that and more!

he loves exercising. i don't like sweating it out.

his money is all over his pockets & his car. i keep my money neatly in my wallet.

he likes kids. i like them at a distance.

when something drops to the floor, he doesn't seem to see it. i pick it up & put it back where it came from.

he wears the same socks & Ts & uses the same towel for weeks. i flinch at the thought of it.

he doesn't notice books lying on the table when he puts down his plate on them. i notice. and get extremely livid.

he thinks deeply about everything we're about to do. i can cancel the most well-laid out plans to do something impulsively exciting!

he loves salads. i can't eat leaves.

we still love each other. deeply.


Pavi!!!! said...

:) n is it all the same? after 3 yrs of marriage?

rayshma said...

some of it has changed... :)
he now watches the corniest bolly flicks... i watch parallel cinema...

i DO exercise.
i eat salads. he's gotten madder... his wallet's organized :)

he u'stands why he needs to do his laundry...

but yeah, we still love each other deeply... maybe a bit more than then! :D