Sep 20, 2006

filmie, very filmie

a few taglines for recent bollywood flicks that i remember.

- dil diya hai : love happens *really? does it?*
- humko deewana kar gaye : love connects *sounds more like a telecom ad. use our network, and u'll never have dropped calls or wrong numbers. love connects! phew!*
- family : ties of blood *what the #$@! *
- lucky : no time for love *maybe it shud be lucky - no time to study?*
- rocky : the rebel *oh! i thought the mountain range*
- aan : men at work *what is this? a municipality sign for viewers to take the diversion?*
- shakti : the power *may the force be with you*
- saawan : the love season *didn't know love was season-specific*
- double cross : ek dhoka *simplifying the name for the masses who can't understand english. awesome!*
- garv : pride & honour *complicating it so it can appeal to the educated class??*
- insaaf : the justice *oh yeah? i never knew! thought in-saaf was when the cleaning lady cleaned the inn*
- waqt : race against time *i am speechless!*

p.s.: i LOVE bollywood.