Jul 2, 2008

what to-do!

i have a lot to do. no, really.
the LOT refers to me having to clean up this apartment. and if u haven't been here, u have no right to say "that's not a lot!" the apartment may not be big, but u have no idea how talented vin and i are at creating a mess.


one of the pre-requisites however, is to get started. and i thought what better way than by blogging it. then i'll have all 10 or 15 of u nagging me to do it. so everytime i come to "see if someone's mailed me" - which is after every 3.6 minutes - i may have a comment/mail/scrap saying "done cleaning?" and then suitably chastised, i shall go back. yeah, yeah, i'm very optimistic!

of course, i was hoping that galadriel would clean up when she comes. that was to be my happy bud-day gift from her n all. but well, i have family visiting me this friday. yeah, BEFORE the woman comes over and cleans! hmph! so now, not only do i not get a happy b'day gift *coz galadriel will still have to clean when she's here* but i also have to clean up!

tasks at hand:
:: vacuum. of course. was last vacuumed a day prior to me getting back home. or so i'm told.
:: enter the closet. and sort it of course. the walk-in has been dumped with bags, clothes and of course, the stuff which came packed in my bag from india. did i tell u? my luggage got drenched enroute and hence i had to sprawl the clothes out all over the closet and bedroom. and umm.. yeah.. they're still like that. though they dried long back. well... let's not even get started on vin's closet.
:: laundry. pending for long enuf now. :(
that's it. that's the LOT of work. and then, of course i have to check mail every now & then. bcoz of course, one of u important-to-my-life people would mail me. won't ya?! oh yeah, make dinner. that, too. sigh!

anybody got potter's magic wand? please lend it to me? pretty please...?


alice-in-wonder said...

Heheh... I totally get you - coz I have to clean my apt too.
Okay, here's the nagging piece you seem to expect - Clean, woman, clean. Galadriel is visiting, that should be more than enough reason to clean or she won't like it. (Hey Galadriel, don't hit me when you read this :D)

Galadriel said...

holy mother of #$%& woman, you haven't started cleaning yet?????? do you not know me but at all??? ok, i'm hyperventilating, need to drink water and lie down. you better keep that apartment spic and span or else, i swear to LUCIFER... :D

Joy said...

Are you done cleaning now? :)

Solitaire said...

Are you doing cleaning now? :)

rayshma said...

sol, joy... hehe! no, i'm here moderating comments! :D

galadriel: don't u dare lie down! forgot how much work U have to do, eh?! and listen... either u get me a Wii... or clean up my apartment! :P

alice: SHE is s'posed to clean up! and don't worry.. when i come over.. u don't need to clean! ;) i'm very nice n all!

P said...

I totally know what you are talking about. Guests are good excuse though to get the cleaning done.

Btw, if you get hold of that magic wand, could you please send it to me when you're done?

Prats said...

heheh....Are you done with the cleaning????
You should have put up the mess right insde the closet and shut it down....:( and then sit down to check ur mails....of course one day it will get cleaned...not making sense, am I??? :( I know....i've to start on mine, before I get into the shift house mode...and then its chaos

Done with your cleaning????

rayshma said...

prats: honestly? it's 10 in the night. vin's gone back to work. and i'm looking at the mess. and i really want to cry. bcoz there's no place to keep all my stuff. i have no clue how i got so much here. despite the 20kg limit :(
so, to answer the question... NO!!! not done. don't think i'll ever be done.
and i can't stuff it in and shut the door. :(

P: sure... anytime. but nobody seems to want to lend me one! :(

alice-in-wonder said...

Regd. the magic wand, just pace around outside the room of requirement ;)
Oh, are you done strike have you started cleaning yet? :P

Keshi said...

Im such a clean-freak so I clean alot but I hate it. Sometimes I hate myself for being a bloody clean-freak!


sahana said...

make 2 piles
1- what u cant do without absolutely
2- what u think u cant do without
and make ur heart kadak and throw out that stuff.
or dump it in some unsuspecting friend or neighbour and collect it when u feel like it!
or throw vin out, u'll automatically have loads of space!!!
just joking just joking!!
dont kill me with all those dirty looks.get back to cleaning gal!!

Solitaire said...

How's it going now?
Will it be clean before August? ;)

Pinku said...

ok....so u r cleaning up..........or is it that u are still contemplating that action?....listen I have an idea why dont u dump the extra stuff in ur closet into Vin's?

He will possibly not notice its yours and then put it away ....


rayshma said...

pinku: WHAT in this blog made u think that vin is the type to realize there's a mess and even *gasp!* CLEAN it!?
how do u think the apartment's messy in the first place!

sol: yes, yes... don't worry.. it'll be clean by then! umm.. u a clean-freak too??

sahana: umm... i use ALL of the stuff! :D unfortunately, i have no unsuspecting friends here. my n'bor is this hippy-looking blond boy who roams around topless and has some awesome visible tattoos. i'm scared to talk to him! :D

keshi: arre.. i'm glad i'm not a clean freak. if i were, i'd have divorced my completely marriageable hubby by now! :D

alice: i think the room of requirement is also very cluttered. we shud send galadriel there to clean it up! :D hehehe!!
and YES, i'm cleaning!! :D

DotThoughts said...

post before and after pics? then we'll all comment on what a good job you did or did not :)

BTW. Happy upcoming budday. May all your wishes come true. have a great day.

And now you may go clean.

Suma said...

hey what are you doing here? get back to teh cleaning , gurl...

sigh... i just got back too and i'm wondering what to do?