Jul 10, 2008

my 3-day happy budday

sometimes u meet people, and you know u'll be friends with them for a long long time. that u'll do anything for them. because they so deserve it. that u'll be there for them - thru thick and thin. that u'll be ready to kill people who hurt them. and the funniest part is you have got to know them only recently. in fact, u're meeting them for the first time. and that's when u know that THAT person & their friendship is something u'll treasure for life.

i knew it was gonna be a fun 3 days the moment galadriel got off from the car and donned her wannabe-cowgirl hat and sunglasses. looking SO very touristy. of course, she didn't clean my apartment for me. neither did she make us the promised sambhar... but heyy, she DID put the daal in the cooker. so, the intentions were there! she also attempted to beat the cake by holding the spoon in hand and turning it around in the almost prepared cake mix! but, she helped by eating it! she also cleaned up my comp, so it's a lot faster now. and of course, she gave me nice nice gifties... :) and also ate up when i cooked. no complaints.

we yakked almost an entire day. and now we know almost everyone on our friends' lists. she also drove me to the mall... in an exceedingly dirty car *ours, of course!* with an exceptionally hot steering wheel. *it doesn't have a cover. vin will not get one either!* she took lots of photos.. since our cam has refused to co-operate and let us take pics. she also attempted to do a dilbar dilbar at the water-wall in houston... where the original was filmed as well! and of course, she sang. and yes, she's a wonderful singer.
she made vin feel completely at home. without drinking a sip! in fact, he was so at home... that he even left his socks on the chair. something he'd NEVER do when we have guests at home. but obviously, she wasn't a guest!

it's moments like these. and people like this. that make this entire blogging experience worth the unemployment! really. i couldn't be happier that i started blogging. neither that i met someone like galadriel. she's everything i thought she'd be. and a hell lot more!

this was the nicest birthday i've had in quite a long while. usually, there's something or the other that screws it up. and last year, was probably & hopefully, the worst. but this one more than made up for it! :) thank u, wise (??) lady of lorien. we're blessed to be friends with thee.


Galadriel said...

so i don't need to post on my blog right? just a hyperlink pointing to yours will do? :P
anyway, ditto marks on all your statements, i didn't think it would be this easy living at someone's house meeting them for the first time. :D
and i couldn't complain about the food, i needed a place to stay didn't i? meh.

Preethi said...

yay!!!! happy bday.. again!! sounds like loads of fun.. now one of you send me the pics!!

Suma said...

so very glad that you really had a 'happy' birthday!!!

now go post a few pics...

La vida Loca said...

happy bday!!
cant believe i missed the boat :(
when was it?

sahana said...

a very happy belated birthday wishes to you!
u invite me over the next time, u'l get a more substantial gift than this!!
heres to u!
the next vodka shot has your name written all over it, babes!

Anonymous said...

Hey ..
Belated happy bday ..
sounds like u had a lot of fun..

and u came to Houston?
did the water wall have water?
coz we went there last month and and there was no water:-( thats when our frnds said that they had been there couple of months before and even then there was no water ...

we guessed they are just conserving water in the hot summer !!!


DewdropDream said...

yay!!!!! Oh eerrr, ummm... happy birthday!! Sorry I don't really know the date but it seems to have gone past anyway... and it sounded like you had much fun!!! What sort of cake did ya bake? And hello to Galadriel! I'm new here, just getting to know others :)

DotThoughts said...

awesome friends happen to awesome people, no? you are one amazing person raysh. happy budday. may stars fall on you! *and i mean this in a good way*

rayshma said...

dottie: aww... cho cute! :) thank u... me all happy happy now! :)

dew: thanks! was y'day... and ess... we had much fun! oh, the cake... well, we kinda ruined it in our eagerness to eat it... :D

A: yeah, it had water! :) was good fun!

sahana: thankss!!! love the video! AND the vodka shot! :D

loca: 9th it was! :)

suma: that crazy child has to still upload them. go nag her! :D

preethi: thankss!! yes, yes... soon! :D

galadriel: pliss to upload pics... NOT on blog, tho!

Solitaire said...

all in all....a fun week!

Pinku said...

Hey Rayshma....belated but the sweetest wishes coming ur way and hope this year stays just as good as your birthday was.

Its lovely to read about the two of you...and am hoping/ praying / pleading that I get a sneak peek at the photos too.

Keshi said...

Happy Birthday Rayshma HUGS! :)

Im glad u had a ball. U deserve the best sweetz!


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Belated wishes & great yo know you had whale of a time..CHEERS !!
Yes somebody messed up my site with 55 posts of wierd stuff..good they remembered it as 55 ,my age on that day !! Now I have cleaned up the mess

Noodlehead said...

belated birthday girl!! i'm glad you had a blast.

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy B'day again Rayshma! Glad you had fun with your friend. :)

Mahogany said...

woah! birthday? sounds like it was a good one :-) hope the rest of the year matches up to it!

rahul said...

many happy returns of the day!!!

Lena said...

a very very happy very very belated birthday!
great to hear you guys had a great time together :)

Ankur said...

belated happy birthday... :)

and looks like u had another blast... :)

wish u a lot of happiness!!

Anonymous said...

oh i somehow thought you guys "knew" each other already..:-) seems like loads of fun u both had.
Btw,gotta ask galadriel if she cleans up comps pro- bono :-)

carolinagal said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!

ceedy said...

just came from another blog

belated happy birthday !!!

Keshi said...

come n check out my shopping mania :)


rayshma said...

thanks y'all!

pinku: d'u use orkut/gtalk? search me by the blog URL... THEN u get a sneak peek! :D

sol: now waiting for u to come over! :)