Jul 14, 2008

cut it!

sitch: vin comes home from work late. yeah, he works on some sundays.

me: *with a puppy face* i cut my finger.
vin: aww.. show.
me: *puppy face continues* LOOK. there was SOOOO much blood. the sink was FULL of my blood :(
vin: nautankii u are! show!
*after conceding that i had, indeed, cut my finger*
vin: this looks quite bad. and WHY is it still like this???

me: how wud i show it to u then?
vin: SIGH! where's the band-aid..?
me: we don't have.
vin: how come? u checked? where did they go?
me: i dunno. we don't have. and my finger's hurting.
vin: ok, wait... i'll tie it up
me: with what?? there's NO band-aid!! and i don't want u going back to get it either!
vin: we have gauze.... so all we need to do is tie it. wait. *and begins to tear old T. his, of course*
me: u think u're a hindi film heroine?? tearing ur clothes with ur hand to tie patti?
*patti = bandaid?*

vin: hehehe... but i can't tear it. those women are stronger than i am, i guess.
me: no silly. just that we don't buy pre-perforated Ts! go, get the scissors!


Galadriel said...

if he were wearing a saree, he could have torn it easily. he simply doesn't watch enough trashy hindi movies.

La vida Loca said...

get better now!

DotThoughts said...

awww..how cute :) hope the finger is better? what were you doing?

Lena said...

aww so cute!! and poor you and poor finger! hope it gets better soon :)
take care :)

P said...

You actually waited to show him the cut! You really like pampering, don't you? :D
Hope the finger is better now. Take care and make Vin do all the house work :p

Mystic Margarita said...

Awww....that's so cute! Hope finger is all better now :)

rayshma said...

rita: not yet... but yeah, good excuse to do nothing! :D

P: hehe.. u bet!! and yes, vin is doing all the housework till this gets better! :D

lena: thanks, gurl!

dottie: :D i was trying to get the condensed milk out of d can... of course, with my finger.. coz that way i can lick it later... :(

loca: :0)

galadriel: he watches adequate amounts of trashy movies. he just doesn't wear sarees. WHO have u been hanging out with!?!

Suma said...

heh..heh... drama queen!!!

didn't he kiss the finger and make it ok? :)

J said...

Bollywood ishtyle ;)

Lage raho!!

Mahogany said...

sigh. first aid was so much easier before the days of high-strength yarns...

Solitaire said...

He is so cute!

Ankur said...

hehe... Sorry for laughing but :D

it was romantic!! :D

btw.. how u doing now??

Take Care,
P.S. then finally haath se fada ya scissors se kata!! ;)

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

hahaha !!! More than your script, galadriel's comments and your reply to it are making me ROTFL ... just cant stop myself now ... ROTFL

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Btw, login to draft.blogger.com, go to your settings page, and then on comments tab, under section "Comment Form placement", select the radio button "Embedded below post"... This makes it much easier to type comments for your posts, rather than have this thing pop out into a separate window. Your increasing number of readers will love it :-)

Prats said...

heheh..fulltime nautanki...a small bandage needing cut and you wiated to show him....aaawww....

RADhika said...

that was cho chweet!

i think you compliment each other so well.. both ekdam filmi! :)

Keshi said...

I see alot of Bolly movies taking the toll on innocent lives LOL!

TC of ur finger sweetz.


Pinku said...


Hope the finger doesnt hurt much...and hope u buy vin a new Tee...

~nm said...

Hope the finger is better now!

But must add "What nautanki you are!!"

*ducks down immediately to save self from things being hurled at moi* :D

Pavi!!!! said...

one filmy couple the 2 of u make i tell u;)
is ur hand better now??

Ankur said...

where did my comment go?
did u find it bad?

rayshma said...

ankur: na re.. i just wasn't online. and i have comment moderation no? that's why it wasn't visible.
p.s.: scissors se! :D

pavs: not much better... but still bandaged :D

~nm: hehee.. these days i don't get too many opps to do nautanki... so seize them when i get them!

pinku: i buy him Ts even if he doesn't tear his old ones for me! hehehe...!:D

keshi: u bet! :)

Rad: thank u :) that was a compliment, right?! ;)

prats: yes yes! :D if it were serious i'd have done something abt it na?! little little things only u can do nautanki abt! :D

sarfraaz: done!

sol: haan.. now he's doing all the housework also... :D

mahog: i will ensure u never meet vin! :D

J: lol!

suma: hehehe... *tries to blush*... no no... he was just amazed that i actually waited that long to show him a cut! :D

Preethi said...

all this for what??? poor V.. the dramatics he has to put up with!!!

rayshma said...

preethi: yes yes. u don't do drama?? heyy bhagwaan! what has the world come to! and oye... when did u pass over to the dark side? poor V and all, eh?! u wait!