Jul 16, 2008

an obituary. and a break.

there are those in life that we take for granted.
to an extent that we
cannot even begin to imagine life without them. u've lived without them for over 25 years of your life... but now, suddenly... unknowingly... they become an integral part of your life. they make u feel comfortable... just knowing they're there takes the heat off most things in life... coming home to them feels GOOD!

but nothing's permanent, is it? one fine day.... which probably begins like any other day, they leave us. just like that. for no fault of yours. it takes us by surprise... there's shock... there's denial... and finally, there's acceptance. of the situation. of the fact that life goes on. with or without u.

our air conditioner died this evening.

and is sorely being missed.

in a joyful coincidence... we run off day after. to new orleans. any of
u good folks there?? *serial killers, stalkers, psychos... pls excuse.* if yes, ping by my EoD tomorrow. ok? coz from day after till 24th, i shall not check mails, not be online and neither read nor write blogs. it's a vacation, u know?

see y'all folks! u take care.. be good and pray for my AC. may the compressor R.I.P. and may there be some relief in my life by the time we get back!

p.s.: the fox news weather guy just said it's a TAD cooler tonight. which means, it's 99! it's gonna be a long night. and not in a naughty/nice way. S.I.G.H.


Mystic Margarita said...

Gosh! What a drama queen you are girl! My heart was in my mouth when I started reading it. Hope your AC will be resurrected soon. And have a wonderful vacation! :)

Galadriel said...

yeah, yeah, psychos and stalkers BEWARE! your inspiration is here!

Prats said...

wow!! vacation...spend some time on my behalf too ;)
And yes, will offer prayers for the sad demise of the AC...

Solitaire said...

Are you planning on scaring me away?
99 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Have a good break!

Pinku said...

God in heaven give everlasting peace to Rayshma's AC. After all the poor thing has had a tough life cooling her volatile nature. ;)

Have a grand trip...and please put up some pics of the places u visit etc.

Pavi!!!! said...

The way that was written i cant help bein amused rather than sad..haha..n did u say 99!OMG!i wld have died...Actually im suicidal at 80!

n yayeeeee...a vaccation!u lucky thing!U donno how desperatley i need a vaccation! Have a blast, come back soon n tell us the stories :)

J said...

RIP the aircon :P

Have a nice and relaxed vacation.


rayshma said...

J: thx!

pavs: u're just back from vacation! :P where are ur stories, eh?! ;)

pinku: thx! will try... cam's conked off.. so let's see...

sol: 99 is a tad LOWER, gurl! but heyy... ur AC would work! :D

prats: will do... :)

galadriel: sigh! such an attention seeker. WHY would u want psychos & serial killers to know that you're their inspiration?! first porn... now this... SIGH!

rita: lol! sowwiee...? but i really feel like i'll die... :( had forgotten summers at home.. been a while na?

DotThoughts said...

ac dying in this weather is rough!!!!!! have fun in n.orleans!

K3 said...

Have fun ... take those pics in orleans with all the mardi-gras stuff and post them ok? :)

Ankur said...

it will be like a feeling back home when there is a power cut!! :P

enjoy ur vacations!!

Noodlehead said...

my condolences to you and V. if it's any consolation, bangalore's being plagued with unscheduled load shedding...in fact i'm on the UPS as I type this out :D

have a good trip!

Lena said...

awww you have a way to create suspense, girl!!! poor AC :D
hope you are having fun,
take care!

Suma said...

just so that you remeber to keep looking hot :)

have a great time...

Keshi said...

when is the funeral? :)



Rohit Tripathi said...

:-) Enjoy

New Post :
School Days Flashback - Memories Revisited

mayG said...

you're really something girl :D freaked me out completely..
have a blast! I'll be back home by the time you're back too.. so yayyy!

p.s. heartfelt condolences for the deceased :P

Preethi said...

have a wonderful trip and hope the AC is up and running... I would have battered the guy up for taking so long to fix it!! poor you!!

rayshma said...

preethi: hehe... arre they just took a day.. as long as it works now, am okay! :D

mayg: u're back!!! YAY!!!!

rohit: wl chk out the post soon...

keshi: it hpnd while we were away. we celebrated the demise by gallivanting around a new town! :D

suma: hehehe... any doubts why i love u so! :D

lena: how come no "poor u?" eh? i didn't kill the ac. i promise! :D

noodles...!!! how's bon bon! i'm so glad u're here... i'd lost the URL to ur blog... now lemme save it!

ankur: kaafi saal hue power cut mein din bitaaye... kind of used to the ac now...

k3: can't post all pics... but will post the others! :D

dottie: u'll love the food there!! at least BG will! :D i wish i cud cook like that... really!!