Jul 15, 2008

devils, y'all...!

over the years *don't ask how many. that is not d point of this post*, i have realized that there IS a pattern in the people i really really like. there are some basic characteristics which HAVE to be there. spoke to four of them today... and suddenly noticed the pattern. so thought would chronicle it. what else is this blog for! tags?! :P

:: they're intelligent. not the bookish sorts. street smartness, wit, the ability to analyze situations & people... perpetual intelligence? that types.
:: they are possessive. not obsessive. but for instance, if they were bloggers and found out that i read someone else's blog more frequently than their blog, they would be genuinely offended. and would hate the other blogger. and tell me that to my face. *psycho? yeah... a bit!*
:: they realize that being called "pretty" or "nice" is not a compliment.
:: they read. hi-fi literature, dictionaries and comics. and are not ashamed to be seen with chick-lit/comics publicly.
:: they have the ability to constantly surprise me. yeah, unpredictable, it's called i think.
:: they believe, no... they KNOW, that if people get to know them better, they won't like them. *it's usually true unless it's someone like me who gets to know them better*
:: they can laugh through absolutely trashy bollywood flicks. and watch them repeatedly.
:: they are not ashamed to admit they like a couple of himesh-composed *not sung* songs. *oh c'mon... it's not all crap!*
:: marital status is not a life/lifestyle-changing scenario for them. it doesn't change the way they look at u or the way you should look at them. they will still call u at 3.30 in the morning if they need to talk to u. and u have to answer.
:: they have an astonishingly sound sense of humor. despite the trashy bollywood flicks. i think it comes with the intelligence.
:: they're VERY confident. to the point of being perceived as arrogant. they're not arrogant, tho. it's just that being aggressively, assertively confident is sometimes perceived as arrogance.
:: they're extremely social. just selective about whom to be social with.
:: a lot of people find them intimidating.
:: they know when to be mature and when to behave like their own 3-year old selves.
:: they all sympathize/empathize with Vin.

and how many of these specimen exist? on last count, there were nine of them. nine devils of the same type. but unique in their own, weird way. nine devils who can kill me or kill for me. whom i can count on to be there for me at ANY odd hour. not bad, i think.


Galadriel said...

i do think being married makes a difference. to YOU anyway. and not necessarily in a nice way, you are even bigger a bully than you can possibly be otherwise. :D

Solitaire said...

I think you are going to like me. :)
BTW, if your single friends can call you in the middle of the night, it speaks a lot about YOU and your ability to not change and have the "mera pati parmeshwar" attitude after marriage.

Ankur said...

i think u r lucky!!!
and ur friends too... :)

have fun...

plush said...

hehe...majaafy..u n ur gang of nine!

La vida loca said...

loved the post!

P said...

Nine great friends! Lucky you! And your friends are lucky too to have a friend like you. Except for my best friend, most of my other friends seem to be totally different people post-marriage.

Btw, I think I could almost be a devil if you know me better :)

Suma said...


Ahhh! you forming a devil club?

Pavi!!!! said...

I connect with this post!totallly!
n i think ur forgot to mention...do these devils team up wit the hubby n take ur trip? some of my frends will act like they know me thru' V! Devilish angels is wat i call 'em!!!

Preethi said...

hahaha.. nice list... loved the last line.. they have to empathize with Vin after all.. they know you!! :P As for the 3:30 Am... really? married or not, if you call me at 3:30 Am I will kill you.. :P I threaten to kill my husband when he wakes me up at 7!! :P

DotThoughts said...

not bad at all :)

rayshma said...

dottie: :)

preethi: depends on the urgency. my frenz have a penchant for getting into situations i can't even begin to imagine! so yeah, SOMEtimes the hours are justified!

pavi: um.. no. my frenz don't dare gang up against me! :D

suma: arre what club! ;)

P: yeah, i've noticed a lot of ppl change after marriage. which is why i love the fact that none of them have! :) and yeah, going by ur posts... u sure have potential! ;)

loca: thanks! :)

plush: yeah.. shud suffice for the 9 lives, eh? ;)

ankur: thanks.

sol: but my pati's not parmeshwar, na?! poor soul is quite entertained by the absurd frenz i have! lol!! :D i think if marriage changes the way u perceive other relationships *except flings!*, then there's some problem somewhere!
p.s.: arre i already like u! :)

galadriel: u have NO idea how much of a bully i was! if anything, i've mellowed! :P

Keshi said...

Good one Raysh!

so do I fit in somewhere there? ;-)


J said...

You make them sound like aliens y'know. Considering the count ;)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

You are lucky to have a CROWD as friends !!If this continues into your later life you will find it very refreshing..Normally the drift starts after children enter the arena..Hold onto your friends,they can sponge off all pressures of the life..and of course vice versa !!

rayshma said...

CU: yeah... which was one of the reasons i wanted to document this. someday in the future, will come back and see how many of them are still there! and hopefully, i wud still be there for them as well... :)

J: maybe they are, u know...

keshi: u sure u want to fit in there?! :D

rayshma said...

ummm CU... i still can't access ur blog... :(

J said...

Lol.. now I do know ;)

lost on the street said...

Loved that possessive/obssesive point.Me a little bit like that,:-) so good chance you might like me :-)

Priyanka said...

Very cool post... you have struck a cord.

DewdropDream said...

You know when I first read this post, I thought, some of that is me... But I honestly doubt she's going to like me. :D Doesn't that seem so funny now??? :D