Jul 6, 2008

it's raining F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

trish was here today. and she is now officially the first blog-pal i've met! :) YAY!

and it was amazing. not for a minute did it feel like we hadn't met before... that it was the first time we were meeting. right from being SO thoughtful and remembering that i like cheesecake AND getting one for me *with Vin outta the way, i'm digging into it as i type*, to us laughing inanely and completing each other's sentences, to me feeling really informal... and presuming they'd be at home! now, normally, i'm really nervous when someone's gonna come home. more so, for the first time. i scrub & clean & i fret about it all morning. and even when they're there... it's like i'm at a class or something. trying to be really attentive & formal & stuff. but this just felt like a GOOD friend was dropping in and i didn't need to be anything but myself! in fact, i was so relaxed that it was a little INTO lunch that i realized that i had forgotten to tell them that there was something like raita and they shud try it! :D *i don't generally insist people eat more coz i'm not too sure they like what i've made! :D*

really... was SO nice to have them here. even our hubbies. honestly, now.. vin is quite shy. takes him some time *read, a coupla drinks* to open up to people. but he and S bonded pretty well. also turned out that S has "interacted" a bit with my first and fave boss! :) small world, it is!

through lunch, Vin and i competed for ONE smile from aadya... and heyy... i got one FIRST!! YAY!!! :) it's probably the first time a child smiled at me before vin. he seems to have a way around kids, usually... and they seem to like him a lot too! but aadya likes ME more... :0)

aadya's as adorable as i thought she'd be. she was so wary of us as she entered...after that, she clung to trish and observed us. then, she'd look at vin and frown... and look at me and smile. so i'm happy. VERY! :) her wariness came down notches till the time they left. she didn't let me hug her or anything but i even got a poochie before she drove off! and vin didn't. did i say i really like her! :)

i am so thrilled meeting trish and family, that i can't wait for galadriel to reach tomorrow! if only the woman would hurry! :)

and oh yeah, my nieces were here day before. and in an attempt to create master artwork, they etched some hearts onto my center table. with a permanent marker. which, of course, i did not know we had! well... i still love them! :)


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Raining friends.Thats a great coinage.Bubbling with happiness,Touch wood and take care.
Great to know about the wonderful coincidence on the Bday !!
Camp Japan

Keshi said...

How nice! So it's raining warmth n love ha. ;-)


Galadriel said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow!

Trish said...

LOL!! we just got in.. and guess what I do..turn on the computer to see if u have blogged..:D
Thanks sweetheart for making us feel so welcome and informal!!
Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

Trish said...

LOL!! we just got in.. and guess what I do..turn on the computer to see if u have blogged..:D
Thanks sweetheart for making us feel so welcome and informal!!
Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

~nm said...

Goodie good! Isn't it amazing it never feels like you are meeting them for the first time? These blog friends? I think its truly amazing!

Good that you had so much fun.

And now can we have some pics please?

Solitaire said...

What a coincidence..I had a few friends over for dinner and guess what I made for dessert....CHEESECAKE!
I will definitely make you one when I get there to get some brownie points...I mean cheesecake points!

Pinku said...

thats so lovely!!!

envy u guys like crazy....

mirage said...


u never know wer all u ve formed bonds, na?:)

Preethi said...

wow.. sounds like fun.. and now all you have to do is make a trip here.. now you are experienced with kids!! :)

La vida Loca said...

meeting blog pals and feeling like u know them forever is the best!

Suma said...

This did bring a smile on my face...

feels good to see you so happy...enjoy, it really is raining friends...:)

Friendly Stranger said...

yeah! The feeling after meeting with virtual buddies is incomparable. It's amazing to see the comfort level with the person you are meeting for the first time.

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Happy blogging!

Ankur said...

good yaa... seems like u r havin a nice time!!!

have fun!!!


kay-shawn said...

I'm going for a blog party in August and I'm really looking forward to it. It's wonderful to meet blog friends. Never actually been to a blog party before.

plush said...

:)...long time...n feels good to see what u've been upto! have fun raysh! n did u say ur birthday was sometime this...year...:d...Happy Birthday?!

DewdropDream said...

update update!!!

rayshma said...

dew: updated :)

plush: VERY long time, gurl! wherrrrre have u been, eh?

kay: yeah, it's kewl! dunno abt parties... i need one-on-one interaction before i can make it to a party, tho! i'm quite shy like that...! :0)

ankur: thx! how've u been?

FS: yeah... truly, it is.

suma: :)

loca: let's see when we can finally catch up! :)

preethi: i let vin handle kids usually! :D but yes, will pucca try & come down. and u're always welcome! :)

mirage: yeah... the world's a really small place now :)

pinku: when u visiting? i have a gurgaon visit pending... for years, now! :)

sol: i'm already counting the days. and u have NO idea how much vin's gonna like u! :D

~nm: sure sure! will mail u...

trish: absolutely! :) let's try & spend more time next time.. so aadya can actually get used to us! :D

galadriel: if tomorrow comes... where are the pics, woman? :P

keshi: YAY! :)

CU: umm... i can't access ur blog anymore... it redirects me to weird sites... :(