Jul 30, 2008

the tale of the chopped hair.

the last time i went down to india, i wanted a new look. no, not plastic surgery. can't afford. also, shrink is higher on order of priorities. but well, i considered what i could do so that V goes "oh my god! that's not my wife" when he sees me at the airport. and umm... i meant in a GOOD way. okay?

okay. so i decided i HAD to get a hair cut. hair cuts for me, are no laughing matter. i hate them. honestly. i HATE anyone touching my hair. so hair cuts are done only when absolutely mandatory! which means, when i'm looking like a mangy cat and someone points it out to me. nicely.

so.. i'd been considering a hair cut. AND a different look. given time constraints, i thought let me merge both. so i decided to try out a "new" stylist. recco'ed by a family friend. who, btw, has really nice hair. in my excitement, i forgot that she always had nice hair. and that using fructis extra strong doesn't really let ur hair pull out logs. and using pantene's frizz control doesn't really control frizz. sigh!
so i called and fixed up an appointment.

so i reached. so i was entered into the really swanky "styling room". and sat upon a chair facing the mirror. now, let me tell u... my hair may look messy... but it still looks nicer when it's longer. the shorter it gets, the unrulier it gets. and the worse it looks.
i was approached by this rather gay-looking guy with WEIRD hair. now, this should have been my cue, right? if he has bad hair... i should worry for my own. no? no. coz i LOVED his shoes. and was staring at them. till i heard him say "so what would u like?" while trying to gauge the thickness of my hair. see.. now, i'd be really disturbed if this guy was NOT gay. coz i can't imagine letting anyone touch my hair. let alone a MAN! i'm rather touchy abt that!

and i said: "it's been like this forever. i want something different. but not too short. coz then it grows vertically on top of my head."

he: hmm... u don't cut them regularly do u? btw, what color IS this?
me: no, i don't. it's a l'oreal red with deeper red highlights. i know, it's a little screwed. can u make them look nice with the same color?
he: sure. proceeding to tell me what he'd do with them. all this while, i'm focussed on his locket. VERY sexy, really. was a net butterfly on a thin silver chain. sounds eww.. but looked DAMN hot.
so, obviously, i've not heard a word of what he said. and i go "as long as u're sure it won't scrunch up afterwards. okay?"
"hmm", he says. and starts off snip snipping. after what seemed like 20 minutes... he said "wait. don't look" like i'd dare!
i'm usually VERY obedient when it comes to situations like these. dunno why. i treat docs, stylists, drivers, teachers with a lot more respect than they sometimes deserve. i find it impossible to be rude to cabbies also. maybe that's why they like me so...
tch.. i digress again.
so, i didn't look.
he dunked some stuff on my head. and then started drying them. after about 10 minutes, he says "look. wonderful. isn't it?"
and i look up. and see HIM smiling contentedly. and me, with straight, short hair. and i turn to him and say "yeah. but what if i wash them?" then, with tears in my eyes say "what will this look like when they go back to normal? what have u done?! how'd they become straight?"
and with zen-like calm, he says "just use extra conditioner. u'll be fine."

if only, my friend. if only.

and so it was. 2 days later, i washed them. and they scrunched up. despite half a bottle of conditioner. and i HAD to tie them up. with everything possible. and then, JUST before i left, i got them ironed out. *which is another story for another day* and well.. i DID achieve the effect i wanted when i reached home.
i guess all's well that ends well.
BUT, i'm not going back there! E.V.E.R.

if anyone's interested. my hair's okay now. as okay as it ever is. and of course, i look the same. again. SIGH!


Ankur said...

hehe.. really hope that ur hair r ok, otherwise with red loreal, they wud just look awesome...like some big follower of soccer!! :P

P said...

can we see a pic :p

On a serious note, I totally know what you're talking about. My hair looks nice only after the haircut..as soon as I wash it, its back to a mess..whatever cut or style.

Preethi said...

I need to see a picture!! red? scrunched up? ironed out?? I need to see a picture soon!!

Galadriel said...

you have curly hair? really?

Anonymous said...

Hate hair cuts too ... I dread how I will end up looking. I think I have only managed a really good cut just twice yet, and I need to go back very soon ... shudder!


Pavi!!!! said...

ohh hair troubles...how i connect to 'em!

have i not told u before..u hv nthg to worry..hair cant get worse than mine...

BTW after yrs of wantin to look diff..n my hair growin down close to my waist..i chopped my hair this B'day till rite above my shoulder.
I used to like only long hair..but my need for looking diff superseeded love for long hair...n yes me is a happy person! :)well more or less...for a few mths atlst.

Orchid said...

....i can totally relate..i am one of those people on earth who can never change the way they look with a haricut, i mean no matter what kind of cut i get, it ends up being the same style all over again and i look the same :(
i'd rather spend the money on some hot lingerie!

La vida loca said...

short, curly hair woes..i can do phd...i feel u my friend!

Suma said...

what interested me is this... *i DID achieve the effect i wanted when i reached home*


and yes, pics pls...pretty pls...?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

We will comw to the hair later.I thought a spin off story was coming..You staring at his shoes,looking at his locket on his chest,and as I was waiting for something else to happen,the pathetic story of cut hair took over..hmm..its good its only hair,it will grow back..imagine as you began the story,a plastic surgery and if you landed up with a nose of not your choice..lol
any how a pic of just your hair with ofcourse extra conditioner applied would have added spice to the post

alice-in-wonder said...


Ok dont strangle me for laughing........ :D

sahana said...

well! wel! well!
and here we go again!
i dont think there is anything we obsess more over than our hair!
i know what u r talking abt babes!u know what i have been going thru' too...
well our only redemption is try what we may, atleast we dont go bald like the othe rhalf of the population!
oops! crossed my fingers and knocked on some wood!

Keshi said...

Rayshma dear something similar happened to me lol! I cried at the Salon. That was the first and the last time I let a guy touch my hair!

I walked out scolding him.


Anonymous said...

I like hair cuts..In India my hair ws ok. After i came here...specially after applying handful of conditioner..looks like out of control..flying in all directions if i leave..he..he..

Pinku said...

awesome post all thats missing are some before, after and thereafter pics...

Want a post on what V said when he saw you and what happened thereafter... :)

rayshma said...

pinku: i didn't let anyone photograph me with hair like that! :D
i did, once i ironed it out... and the pics are on my orkut! :D
vin saw me at the airport... and said "i saw u 3 mins back. but wasn't sure it was u. this... looks... nicely different." that was it! then, for 3 days, he kept admiring the hair. then, it went back to the way it always is! :(

anthara: lol! mine's better here after the deep conditioning and stuff. i have time on my hands here... that's all i do with it! :D but i still hate hair cuts! :D

keshi: i SO empathize, gurl! WHY can't those people understand how important it is!?

sahana: arre... no redemption. i read somewhere that women go bald more than men! i don't worry abt that, tho... coz my man is already balding! ;)

alice: arre no. where i'll travel so far to strangle u! :(

comps: arre my life is that boring only! i don't want another nose.. am okay with mine. no pics clicked. so none shall be posted! :D

suma: u've seen ironed hair pics. go, check my orkut album! :D

loca: :D

orchie: EXACTLY what i did! had to do something to soothe the nerves. bought footwear and lingerie! :D

pavi: u CAN cut ur hair short. i can't! :(

k3: hehehee!!! :D i hate someone else touching my hair. so it's traumatic for me! :D

galadriel: B.I.T.C.H.

preethi: red & scrunched up - no pics available! didn't let anyone with a cam or mobile cam come near me! ironed out - orkut album! :D

P: hehehe! :D

ankur: arre i was obsessed by red for a long time. i could never color it red while i worked... occupational hazard. so it was red for almost a year. now, it's auburn. so yeah, it definitely looks normal.

Suruchi said...

babes they were not looking that bad...u have as usual dramatised it a lot!!!one thing i would agree is after ironing it out, you were looking much better!

DotThoughts said...

I was gasping for breath by the time I got to the butterfly pendant! you write so well!!!!!! Glad your hair is where you want it. did you get pics of the "new" look?

Ankur said...

hehe.. ok!! :)
and i thought its red, silly me! :D

Art said...

same is with my hair. after one wash, it gets back to the same state...

La vida loca said...

had forgotten to say this -u look like Tamil actress Gautami...curly hair, slim, v pretty... :)

rayshma said...

loca: aww... hehee.. slim? v pretty???? gurl.. u're talking abt me, right?

art: woe's me! :(

ankur: it was. now it's not! :)

dottie: one pic i have... of the new look.. but it was temp. i look like u've seen ^_^

suruchi: u, with the nice hair... thou shalt not comprehend the feeling! SIGH! yes, i looked so nice that ur silly husband laughed at me! the moment i entered the door! i shall never forgive him! :P

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

hehe your hair sound like they are directly related to mine :|

much as i'd love to keep hot cuts I know for a fact that I can never coax my hair to behave after that first shampoo so I've sadly settled for long hair for this lifetime..

La vida loca said...

yes, yes u only :D

Anonymous said...

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