Jul 1, 2008


some things u shud not let onto your wife:
:: teach her kick-boxing. or even, how to box like a guy. trust me, YOU will be the punching bag for the rest of your life!
:: that u cook well. unless u really intend to cook for the rest of ur life. you will never find a good enough excuse to not cook!
:: that u like crappy movies. unless she has eclectic taste. bcoz, what is crappy to her, will be unimaginably boring to u. but now u've told her, u'll have to watch!
:: ur deadlines. she'll nag u into sticking to them! :D

:: u can eat "whatever". bcoz that is exactly what she'll make you eat.
:: that u don't drink much. *much, here is a relative term, of course!* she will ensure that u get drunk, act like an idiot and thereby, entertain her on a boring friday evening when she's too bored to dress up and go out.
:: that u like driving. more so, when she is too lazy to bother. well.. u get where this is going! :)
:: u want to be more organized. you may end up writing inane weekend reports. all in the guise of "getting organized"

yeah, yeah. now feel free to sympathize/empathize with Vin!


Galadriel said...

Thank you, thank you !!!!!! This gyaan, of course, is for future reference. :P

DotThoughts said...

lol @last line!

P said...

hahahaha..can't stop laughing. There are very few women who are brave enough to admit such things :)

And oh, poor Vin :D

carolinagal said...

LOL!!!! Loved this post!!

rayshma said...

CG: u wanna add to these? ;)

P: a fren of mine once told me "those that are very brave may also be VERY stupid!" so there... :D

dottie: oh yeah! go ahead... bond with the bull! :D

galadriel: u've seriously become nicer! u actually wrote a 'nice' comment here!!! :D

Solitaire said...

I don't sympathize with him. I admire you!

sahana said...

i have to say that the drunk bit got to me, 'cause it is on the top of my entertainment list too, oh the joys of watching him make a fool of himself when he is high!
i have to add, guys shouldnt show their fondness towards folders and files, they will be filing each memo or certificate of each child for the rest of their lives!
hubs shouldnt brag abt their muscles, u will be lugging gigantic suitcases everytime we decide to go on a hol!

Keshi said...

LOL cute one girl!


Pinku said...

hmmm....awesome ...must ensure my brand new (well almost) hubby doesnt get to ur blog and start getting ideas...

as of now he is doing well in the cooking, not drinking much, organizing departments.

Lena said...

thanks!! will keep it in mind when i get married :D

RADhika said...

hmm... good one...but willl never show it to my fiance'. :D

rayshma said...

rad: hehe... yeah, u shouldn't! let him learn the hard way! :D

lena: also r'ber to not tell him any of these! :D

pinku: wait n watch. he'll go over to the dark side soon... :D

keshi: thankee! :)

sahana: aww.. .he doesn't make a fool of himself. he's just uninhibitedly entertaining! :D and heyy, he picks up the luggage irrespective of the muscles! :D

sol: we shall wait till u meet him! all ur admiration will change sides. that's what they all do. :D